9 Just-In-Time Online Training Activities For Your Onboarding Online Training

9 Just-In-Time Online Training Activities For Your Onboarding Online Training
Summary: Do your new hires require quickly consumable online training resources to get them off to a successful start? In this article, I'll highlight 9 just-in-time online training activities that are great additions to your onboarding online training.

Just-In-Time Online Training Activities To Enrich Your Onboarding Online Training

Just-in-time online training resources help to alleviate first day jitters and bridge pre-existing gaps. New hires have the ability to focus on specific performance issues, improve product knowledge, and read up on the latest company policies. Here are 9 just-in-time online training activities that you should consider for your onboarding online training.

1. Immersive Online Training Simulations

New hires face a variety of challenges on their first day on the job. However, one of the most common obstacles is completing unfamiliar tasks that involve specialized tools, equipment, or resources. For example, work-related software to ring up a sale or diagnose an IT issue. Fortunately, you can impart real-world experience with immersive online training simulations. These interactive online training resources give employees the ability to improve performance in a risk-free environment.

2. Skill-Centered Branching Scenarios

Skills can be difficult to master, especially interpersonal and other soft skill sets. However, they are still essential for new hires who must interact with customers and co-workers from day one. You can help your newest employees build these vital skills with branching scenarios that feature decision-making paths. For example, new hires need to build conflict resolution skills in order to fill a leadership role. The branching scenario may feature two arguing co-workers, and the employee takes on the role of a mediator.

3. Product Knowledge Online Training Videos

Product knowledge online training videos give new hires an example to follow. They can observe the presenter as they operate the new product or highlight the features. This allows them to perfect their sales pitch and pass on the information to consumers. Product knowledge online training videos are also useful for customer service and warehouse associates, as they must be able to safely handle the item and convey its key benefits. For example, a new product should be stored in certain conditions to extend its shelf life.

4. Company Policy Infographics

Company policies tend to be the most forgettable aspects of onboarding online training. Task and skill-based online training usually stick, because new hires are able to apply what they've learned right away. However, company policies are less practical and more theoretical. The good news is that company policy infographics are easily digestible. Employees can quickly review the most notable facts and figures and commit them to memory. For example, an infographic delves into the company dress code and why it's important to dress for success. New hires are able to refer to this infographic in order to determine what attire is appropriate and what's prohibited, such as certain piercings that may be against company policy.

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5. Personal Pop Quizzes

Self-assessments help new hires identify areas for improvement so that they can use the microlearning online training library to their advantage. For instance, the personal pop quiz reveals skill gaps that the employee must bridge before they enter the workplace or task performance issues that hinder their productivity. Then they're able to seek out supplemental online training resources which target these challenges and remedy the situation. The key is to give employees control over when and how they complete the self-assessment, and they should be able to evaluate their own skills and knowledge base periodically.

6. Compliance Serious Games

Compliance online training can be bland and boring unless you turn it into a serious game. Develop bite-size serious games that feature levels, characters, challenges, and rewards to increase employee engagement. For best results, focus on a single desired outcome or behavior for each serious game and use badges, points, or certificates to enhance employee motivation. As an example, invite new hires to embark on a journey through the sales floor. They must locate certain products, explain their features, and then pair them with the right customer. After they successfully sell each item they advance to the next level, which includes a new obstacle.

7. Podcast Series

Online training podcasts are great for quick tips and complex tasks that feature numerous skills or steps, such as compliance issues that involve multiple rules or regulatory standards. Each episode can cover a different policy or procedure. Employees are able to listen to the podcast whenever they need to refresh their knowledge or discover a new onboarding online training topic.

8. Orientation Knowledge Refreshers

Employees should have the ability to refresh their memory throughout the course of their career. For this reason, it's wise to create an orientation online training library that covers all the basics, from company dress code to task walkthroughs. Employees can use this library as a reference for rudimentary onboarding online training topics in order to build a solid foundation, even if they've been on the job for years and just need to beat the forgetting curve.

9. Real-World Examples

Real-world examples emphasize the benefits of onboarding online training and its practical uses. They also convey important facts and stats in a format that's easier to consume. Thus, employees are able to remember company policies or compliance topics when they enter the workplace. You can also take it a step further by adding images, audio, and other multimedia elements to enhance the benefits of your onboarding online training. For example, a real-world story that features memorable character cut-outs and background tracks to set the tone.

These just-in-time online training activities for onboarding online training can help your new hires beat the learning curve and improve their performance just in the nick of time. However, they can also use the microlearning online training library to continually hone their talents and enhance their proficiency. For this reason, it's essential to gather feedback and research your audience from time to time. This gives you the power to address their specific needs in the long term.

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