6 Leadership Development Online Training Techniques That Stand The Test Of Time

6 Leadership Development Online Training Techniques That Stand The Test of Time
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Summary: Ultimately, you need online training resources that never feel outdated or irrelevant. Activities that are always in-line with modern expectations and job duties. So, how do you develop leadership development tools that stand the test of time?

Time-Resistant Leadership Development Online Training Techniques

Creating fresh content for every wave of new hires is cost-prohibitive for your organization. There are better ways to enhance personalization and keep up-to-date with modern gaps. The secret of cultivating your in-house talent is to develop online training resources that age well. Videos, simulations, and demos that feel like they're custom-tailored for every employee. Regardless of their generation, personal preferences, or tech know-how. Support tools that are free of era-specific characters and on the job challenges. These 6 leadership development online training techniques will never collect dust on your virtual shelves.

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1. Task Simulations To Facilitate Real-World Mastery

You can't put a price on real-world experience. It's the thing that differentiates the top-notch leaders from the rest. They've been there before and know how to handle unexpected obstacles because it's all part of the job description. Simulations allow your team leaders to build practical know-how without any risk involved. They can interact with virtual customers and co-workers that expose them to new challenges and test their mettle. Employee training participants must also work their own personal assumptions and limiting beliefs to achieve the desired outcomes.

2. Video Demos To Provide Visual Examples

Leadership development online training demos illustrate the desirable behaviors. So, team leaders get an example of how to perform a task or utilize a skill in the workplace. Instead of just reading about it and trying to determine the context or the surrounding circumstances. For example, the video demo shows them how to deal with a client who 'asked to see the manager,' even though the employee could've handled the situation with ease. Or how to reprimand a team member who continually violates the dress code or makes off-colored remarks. Insider tip: Use animations to reenact risky situations and inject subtle humor.

3. Personal Certification Paths To Build Relevant Skills

Certification paths that center on skill development are crucial in leadership online training. They allow employees to focus on personal gaps and hone their talents. Instead of trying to fit into the leadership mold and keeping up with peers. Every path should concentrate on a specific ability or trait they must possess. Such as interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, or team building. These paths are based on their job duties, roles, and team dynamics. For instance, warehouse employees may not interact with the public regularly. So, their talents must reside elsewhere. Such as safe product handling, maintaining equipment, and managing their department. While customer service supervisors need to work on product knowledge, soft skills, and consumer relations.

4. Pop Quizzes To Identify Areas For Improvement

The leadership development online training techniques above impart knowledge, but this one is all about data collection. Namely identifying personal areas for improvement so that employees can adjust their online training plan and fulfill their potential. These pop quizzes are self-guided and discreet. Staffers can assess their talents and abilities whenever they feel the need. Which is ideal for proactive leaders who want to diagnose pain points autonomously. Or continually expand their expertise. They recognize these self-assessments as diagnostic tools that help them become better managers. Even if it is a cathartic process because they must face their shortcomings head-on. Pop quizzes are also beneficial for your L&D department. Results allow them to pinpoint areas for improvement in the overall design. For instance, most of the employee training participants fail the compliance test, which indicates a broader issue with your strategy.

5. Serious Games That Immerse Employees In Practical Challenges

The theme that runs through every leadership development tool is preparation. Your employees need to expect the unexpected. To stay calm in stressful situations and set the example for their team. Serious games expose them to practical challenges without inducing panic attacks. It may even be enjoyable. Be sure to incorporate the right mix of obstacles to build a solid foundation. That way, employee training participants get to hone distinct talents and then use them in different contexts. For example, serious game centers on active listening. It's framed in a customer complaint scenario. But they can use their newfound talents to support their team, resolve arguments, and engage with other managers on a personal level. Use realistic characters, settings, and work tools to enhance the immersion.

6. Branching Scenarios To Test Decision-Making Abilities

Being an effective leader is a string of decisions. Managers and supervisors must make choices daily to uphold your brand image and keep customers happy. Subordinates even rely on their decision-making abilities to stay safe on the job and keep things running smoothly. So, incorporate branching scenarios into your leadership development online training course to test how well they handle the pressure. Are they able to quickly act and mitigate risks, or does it take them half an hour to complete a 5-minute task? Do they struggle with stressful challenges that could lead to serious consequences in the workplace? They may achieve the desired outcome, but how did they get there? Did they have to compromise their ethics or put lives in danger just to resolve the situation?

All these leadership development online training techniques center on real-world experience, skill-building, and personal evaluation. Employees must have every opportunity to analyze their own performance and progress. Then adjust course accordingly. It's not a one size fits all approach, but a personal path everyone must tread on their own. However, you must equip them with the tools and guidance they need to be their best selves. Or else they'll find another organization that does value employee development and personal growth.

Leadership online training benefits every member of your organization, from new hires to higher-ups. Download the eBook Transform Top Talent Into Team Leaders: The Ultimate Guide For Leadership Development Training and find out how to create outstanding leadership development training—along with the pitfalls you should avoid, and more.