Learning Maturity Matters: Learning Management Survey [eBook]

Learning Maturity Matters: Learning Management Survey [eBook]
Summary: Find out why learning maturity has a far-reaching impact on your bottom line and how the Maturity Model can help you reach new L&D heights in this learning management survey eBook.

Discover Why Learning Mature Matters And How The Right L&D Solution Can Help You Achieve Success

Cornerstone asked HR and learning professionals about their experiences during the COVID crisis. This eBook sheds light on how organizations rose to the challenge and adapted to deal with the obstacles they faced. It explores how during one of the most difficult times in recent history, a solid learning strategy and the right technologies helped companies bridge gaps and bring their remote teams together.

eBook Release: Learning Maturity Matters: Learning Management Survey
eBook Release
Learning Maturity Matters: Learning Management Survey
Discover what L&D professionals have to say about the current state of learning within their organization and what the future holds!

The Learning And Development Ripple Effect

Your L&D program impacts every aspect of your organization, from employee satisfaction to customer service scores. You must be able to provide your employees with ongoing support and address gaps on the spot. The only way to achieve this is through an effective training strategy that's agile and ever-evolving. First and foremost, your Learning and Development strategy needs to focus on real-world application and relevancy. Many smaller organizations wonder if they can afford to launch a comprehensive eLearning program—but consider the costs if you don't (i.e., high employee churn and compliance breaches).

About This Learning Management Survey eBook

How do learning initiatives impact your bottom line? What can you do to create a flexible L&D strategy to overcome future development hurdles? This guide offers crucial data to help you maximize the Learning Maturity Model and stay on top of eLearning trends. Here's a sneak preview of the content:

  • Executive Summary
  • Key Findings
  • About The Learning Maturity Model
  • Learning Strategy Essentials
  • Understanding The Learning Impact
  • Current Learning Methods And Priorities For The Future
  • Top Recommendations For Improving Learning Impact

There are also data visualizations to help you make sense of the metrics, such as learning maturity distribution graphs and strategic charts.

Dive Into The L&D Data

Download the eBook Learning Maturity Matters: Learning Management Survey to gather valuable insights from leading HR and L&D professionals, as well as tips to help you move forward and pinpoint your current level of maturity.