Free eBook – Big Data For Big Profits: How LMS Reporting Can Help Your Training Company Achieve Success

Big Data For Big Profits: How LMS Reporting Can Help Your Training Company Achieve Success

Reporting is a key task in any business, and it’s really important to be able to drill down into every area of your business to get exactly the level of detail you need.

Big Data For Big Profits: How LMS Reporting Can Help Your Training Company Achieve Success
Discover all the different ways LMS reporting can be beneficial for your training business, and what sorts of data you can pull from your Learning Management System.

Learning Management System (LMS) reporting can give you additional insight into this specific part of your business which will allow you to effectively measure your eLearning offering, as well as pull the data into larger reports that cover your entire business.

In the Big Data For Big Profits: How LMS Reporting Can Help Your Training Company Achieve Success eBook, we cover topics such as the importance of robust reporting, how to avoid common reporting mistakes, and the top useful reports to keep on your radar to ensure you're getting the most from your LMS reporting!

What This eBook Covers

Big Data For Big Profits: How LMS Reporting Can Help Your Training Company Achieve Success is divided into 12 sections, as detailed below:

Section 1: The Importance Of Robust LMS Reporting For Training Companies

Offering your students eLearning through a Learning Management System is a great move for your business, but you also need to make sure that the LMS reporting us up to scratch for your needs.

We take look at why robust reporting is so important for your business, as it allows you to do things like track your students’ progression, track when training needs topped up, and combine eLearning numbers with classroom numbers for full picture reporting.

Section 2: 5 Tips To Choose The LMS With The Right Reporting Features For Your Training Company

When shopping around for a new Learning Management System, you need to make sure that one of the things you consider is an awesome reporting system. We cover the top 5 things we think you need to look for:

  • Automated report creation.
  • Ability to customize.
  • Ability to link data from other areas of your business.
  • Ability to report on assessment results.
  • Ability to report on student feedback.

Section 3: 4 Tips To Analyze LMS Reports To Pinpoint Pain Points

Take a look at what information you need to look out for on your LMS reports in order to pinpoint any potential pain points in your training business.

This includes looking in detail at your assessment scores, sticking and stopping points in your courses, and total attendance numbers.

Section 4: 5 Common LMS Reporting Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Don’t waste your time and effort creating reports that aren’t of any use to anyone! Make sure you avoid these 5 common LMS reporting mistakes, which include not reporting regularly, assuming what data you need, and not splitting your reports.

Section 5: 4 Overlooked Benefits Of LMS Reporting

We take a look at 4 ways of using your LMS reporting system which you may not have thought of, but which can be really beneficial to your training company! These include:

  • Staying updated at all times.
  • Comparing data with other training styles you offer.
  • Customizing reports to fit your needs.
  • Spotting problems early.

Section 6: How eLearning Assessment Results Can Help Your Custom-Tailor Your Content

Learn how reporting on your eLearning assessment results can help you tailor your LMS content to ensure your students are getting the results they deserve.

Section 7: 5 Questions to Evaluate LMS Reporting Features During Your Free Demo

Software shopping means lots of demos to ensure you’re picking the perfect system for you! We have the top 5 questions you need to ask to make sure you find the perfect fit including:

  • What can I report on?
  • Can I automate reports?
  • Can I link reports with other data from across the company?

Section 8: 4 Ways to Monitor Learner Engagement With LMS Reports

See how you can use different parts of your LMS reports to monitor your students’ engagement with your eLearning courses.

Section 9: 3 Sources Of Big Data Outside Your Learning Management System

Learning Management System reports are great for getting data on your training company, but they don’t have to be your only source of information! Let’s take a look at some other places you could look at to get the data you need.

Section 10: 6 Ways You Can Use LMS Reports To Improve Your eLearning Product

LMS reports are really important to help you get a better idea of how your business is performing. Let’s take a look at how you can use the details from your LMS reports to improve your eLearning product.

Section 11: 4 Ways LMS Reporting Boosts Your eLearning Revenue Stream

Learn the key bits of data you need to look for in your LMS reports in order to help boost your eLearning revenue stream, including expanding your popular course offerings and marketing far and wide!

Section 12: 10 Useful LMS Reports To Keep On Your Radar

Reporting is important for any business, but what are the key reports you should be compiling? We take a look at the top LMS reports you should be considering, featuring assessment grades reports, student feedback reports, and completion rates reports.

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