mLearning: How To Get Started With Responsive Course Design

mLearning: How To Get Started With Responsive Course Design
Summary: Lectora Online now features Responsive Course Design so that your mLearning (mobile learning) content will look great on all devices. Find out how to get started.

How To Get Started With Responsive Course Design For Your mLearning Content 

The world is going mobile. That means learners are using different sizes of devices to view online training content. To accommodate every size of smartphone and tablet for mLearning, you could multiply your course development time designing for each device size and then also testing, and tweaking, and testing each one again; or you could just design multi-device content.

How? Meet Responsive Course Design™ (or RCD for short), a feature in the cloud-based authoring tool Lectora® Online. RCD is your new favorite coworker, here to save the day when you need to create mLearning quickly.

Let’s answer a few questions to help you get started with Responsive Course Design:

  1. What’s the difference between traditional eLearning design and responsive course design?
    Traditional eLearning design uses fixed design, where you create static sized pages. This is the standard output from most authoring tools, but it’s not great for viewing on multiple devices. Responsive course design takes those desktop-sized pages that you’ve created, and adapts them for different device types.
  2. What does Responsive Course Design require from developers?
    Developers will want to be conscientious and create content that will be adapted well by RCD. For example, BranchTrack CEO Sergey Snegirev suggests designing content that can scroll, which fits nicely on a mobile device. He says “Thanks to Facebook and just about every website in the world, contemporary phone users love scrolling for new content, so make sure your course has long vertical pages and comfortable font sizes. Lectora RCD will take care of fitting your course width and making the rest scrollable”.
  3. Can the Responsive Course Design course be customized?
    Absolutely. Developers probably won’t need to make many changes because Responsive Course Design saves them that time. But for example, some may want to tweak a page here and there, which they’re able to do to customize their course exactly the way they want. Rick Zanotti (Relate Corporation) interviewed John Blackmon, Trivantis CTO, about Responsive Course Design and noted “That’s pretty good. You don’t have to completely redesign the course, because you’re just tweaking certain pages. You may have a twenty-page course, but a lot of them already fit the pattern you want; you may only have to tweak two or three of them”.

What’s The Next Step? 

Try Responsive Course Design yourself. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Lectora Online today.