8 Online Training Activities That Are Sure To Grab Employees’ Attention

Attention-Grabbing Online Training Activities For Your Employees

Online training enables employees to improve their skills and task performance, as well as build their professional experience. It also caters to all learning preferences within the organization, thereby ensuring that everyone gains the necessary knowledge to carry out their job duties and achieve their learning goals. Here are 8 online training activities that you should include in online training to build excitement and get your employees actively involved.

1. Online Training Simulations

Simulations make online training even more engaging and immersive. Online training simulations in the work environment are more about improving proficiency and performance than imparting vast bits of information. They give employees the chance to practice what they are learning step by step instead of just reading about it. They also equip employees with real-world knowledge and practical experience.

After online training, employees should engage in simulations that include all the essential concepts covered. Through online training simulations, an online instructor can test employees' task proficiency, as well as their level of understanding. Incorporate relatable characters, real-life challenges, sounds, images, and an emotional environment to boost interactivity.

2. Branching Scenarios

Branching scenarios are the best way to practice skills in realistic situations. They offer a low-risk setting for employees to decide how they will react to tough situations. In these scenarios, employees make decisions that lead them to specific paths and, in the end, to positive or negative outcomes.

A branching scenario may include customers with different facial expressions, and an employee should use those to decide what the customer wants. They offer a safe environment for employees to make good and bad decisions and learn from them without compromising customer service.

3. Video Demos

Video demos are a visual approach to online training. They break the monotony of reading text and they increase comprehension. They engage corporate learners and keep them attentive. Video demos allow employees to see the crucial phases of a task and model the behavior.

Another benefit is that they provide a low-risk environment for employees to attain practical skills. For example, how to use new software. In addition, they increase engagement and reduce cognitive overload by distilling complex ideas into easy steps.

4. Serious Games

Serious games are an integral part of online training because they make it entertaining, but still educational. Gameplay motivates employees to perform well to move up the leaderboard, attain badges and rewards. There are many ways you can create learning games using game templates and themes. Those that have memorable characters and immersive storylines are the best for online training.

Serious games also increase competitiveness and peer to peer interaction, making the content taught memorable to all. Lastly, they incorporate all learning methods (auditory, kinesthetic, and visual), hence they benefit everyone in the organization.

5. Social Media Support Tools

Social media sites can be used as support tools for online training. You can regularly post engaging topics of discussion on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Remember to set some rules to ensure that employees do not go off topic.

Online discussions should be based on the subject matter in order to achieve the learning objectives instead of veering off onto tangents that serve as a distraction. Take advantage of the poll feature on social media sites to learn more about your employees' needs and goals, and use their feedback to better your online training course.

Another application for social media in online training is to host live online training events. This can be in the form of live videos or Q&A sessions that allow for direct peer-based interactions.

6. Microlearning Online Training Tutorials

Bite-sized tutorials reduce information overload. Instead of having a long and boring presentation, condense all the important points and produce small, valuable bits of professional knowledge. These microlearning online training tutorials are a pocket-friendly way of training employees without breaking the bank.

Bite-sized online training resources also serve as great "moment of need" support tools on the job. Employees can simply access the microlearning online training library to brush up on skills or product knowledge whenever, wherever.

7. Real World Examples

Bringing real life situations into online training makes it interesting. Real world examples prompt employees to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to solve the real-life issues presented to them. Case studies and real world examples enable employees to learn at a personal level.

You can incorporate studies into online training if employees are bored of reading and listening to theoretical knowledge, as it allows them to see how the ideas and concepts apply in a true-to-life context.

You can even take your examples to a more immersive level by turning them into videos and games. For instance, create a storyline, complete with memorable characters and a real problem. Then use animation software to bring your plotline to life.

8. Infographics

Infographics combine images and text to improve knowledge retention. Corporate learners can digest every aspect of the topic or task one by one. Then move onto the next once they’ve fully assimilated the information. For example, the first section of the infographic covers a notable stat regarding a compliance issue, while the second expands on the first discussion point by providing facts or figures which support the stat.

These 8 online training activities will benefit your employees and give you a good ROI. Be sure to conduct pre-assessments to determine which online training activities are the best for your employees, as well as frequent pop quizzes to gauge their level of understanding and monitor their progress.

Nothing motivates and engages your employees more than knowing that the online training they receive has tangible benefits. Read the article 8 Ways To Emphasize The Real World Value Of Corporate eLearning to discover how to emphasize the real world benefits and applications of your corporate eLearning course.

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