8 Essential Ingredients Of Product Knowledge Online Training

8 Essential Ingredients For Product Knowledge Online Training
Summary: The only way to prevent buyer's remorse and keep return rates low is a winning online training strategy. In this article, I'll highlight the 8 essential ingredients that you should include in your product knowledge online training.

How To Create Product Knowledge Online Training

Does your sales team know all the features and specs of your latest products? Are they aware of the benefits that they'll bring to your customers? Product knowledge online training is a crucial part of your corporate eLearning program. However, it needs to be engaging, entertaining, and experiential if you want to maximize your ROI. Here are the 8 essential components for successful product knowledge online training programs.

1. Practical Online Training Activities That Stress Real World Applications

There are two aspects of your product knowledge online training to consider: theory and practice. Your employees may know every feature and spec of the product, but can they put their knowledge into practice? In other words, are they going to be able to seal the deal when the time comes? Practical online training activities give your employees the chance to apply what they've learned in real world situations. For example, a branching scenario allows them to identify customer needs and highlight the product's selling points.

2. Microlearning Online Resources

Employees usually access product knowledge online training when they're on the sales floor or about to meet with a client. Microlearning online resources provide them with specific information when they need it the most. For example, one of your loyal customers has a question regarding your new product line. Your sales staff can quickly access an online tutorial or interactive manual to get the answers they require. To enhance the effectiveness of your microlearning, make it mobile-friendly with the help of a responsive design eLearning authoring tool.

3. Timely Targeted Feedback

Your organization can't afford knowledge gaps. Employees must be able to convey accurate information to your customers in order to negotiate the sale and increase profits. As an example, one of your sales employees is misinformed about your latest product. They end up selling it for far less than it is worth because they haven't received the proper online training. This takes a bite out of your bottom line. Alternatively, you can correct the mistake with the customer and run the risk of damaging your reputation. Either way, the situation could have been avoided if the employee received immediate feedback. You must correct mistakes right away so that employees can continually improve their performance.

4. Knowledge Checks And Refreshers

No product knowledge online training course is complete without frequent eLearning assessments. Knowledge checks give you the power to pinpoint areas for improvement so that you can remedy them as quickly as possible. It also allows you to track employee progress and create a personalized online training plan. Last, but not least, quizzes serve as memory refreshers for your sales staff. They can explore the product features and benefits all over again in order to reinforce the main selling points. Employees may even discover new things about the item that they can add to their sales pitch.

5. Intrinsic Incentives

Gift cards will most likely motivate your employees in the short term. However, they won't give them the drive and determination they need to succeed. The only way to achieve this is to tap into their intrinsic motivation. Include game mechanics that allow employees to earn points, badges, and certifications. Give them the chance to add their name to the leaderboard and engage in some friendly competition. In addition, invite them to set personal goals and objectives that they can pursue on their own. For example, if they want to meet their sales goal they must actively participate in product knowledge online training.

6. Engaging Online Training Content That Fosters An Emotional Connection

Let's face it, learning about new products and services isn't the most thrilling experience. Which is why you must make your online training content engaging and entertaining. Create an emotional connection with your employees by using humor, relatable stories, and compelling characters. Incorporate real world examples and case studies to show the relevance of their online training. If they know about the benefits of active participation, they are more likely to absorb and assimilate the product information.

7. Diverse Multimedia Assets

Everybody has their own learning preferences. As such, you must incorporate different multimedia online resources and online training activities. The goal is to give every member of your team the targeted online training they need in a format that's right for them. For example, some corporate learners might benefit from eLearning podcasts that explore your new product line. Others prefer serious games and online training simulations that involve more tactile elements. Survey and assess your employees to discover what works best for them. For instance, how they want to receive the information and their level of tech know-how. In addition, you should include a good mix of multimedia that covers the same topics. This helps to reinforce the key ideas using different approaches. As an example, an online video-demo and serious game both highlight the product features and benefits. However, they approach the subject from different angles.

8. Analytics And Reports Working Behind The Scenes

The last essential ingredient is continually running at the background. Learning Management Systems reports and analytics offer insight into your product knowledge online training program. They track employee performance as well as the effectiveness of the online training course so that you can identify problem areas. As an example, 50 percent of your employees aren't able to pass the product knowledge quiz. Therefore, you may need to revisit the corresponding section of your online training course to evaluate the online training content, multimedia, and activities.

Does your current online training strategy have these crucial ingredients? If not, you may want to consider adding them in order to increase company profits. Remember, employees are the go-to source of information for your loyal customers. Keeping them well-informed results in repeat customers who spread the word about your brand.

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