eBook Release: Implement Immersive Learning
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How To Implement Immersive Learning For Actual L&D Success

Employees have plenty of distractions to deal with on the job. Even technology becomes a burden if they fall into the social media feed trap. But there is a way to grab their attention and facilitate practical application. The solution is Augmented and/or Virtual Reality training that puts them into the middle of the action and contextualizes policies, protocols, and processes. They experience the emotions, stresses, and obstacles that come with the job title. Our eBook, Real World Minus The Risks: How To Implement Immersive Learning For Actual L&D Success, covers all the Mixed Reality training essentials, from finding the perfect eLearning outsourcing partner to choosing the best AR/VR training approach for your team. But first, I’d like to share 5 tips to help you vet eLearning vendors and get maximum ROI.

eBook Release: Real World Minus The Risks: How To Implement Immersive Learning For Actual L&D Success
eBook Release
Real World Minus The Risks: How To Implement Immersive Learning For Actual L&D Success
Prepare your workforce for real-world challenges with immersive learning.

Tips To Vet VR Training Vendors

1. Choose An Outsourcing Partner In Your Niche

Every online training vendor has their specialties but they also cater to certain niches. While some are experienced in retail training, others excel in the medical sector. Thus, they’re prepared to handle the challenges and unique L&D requirements that come with the territory. If you’re unsure about their level of niche expertise, visit their site and read online reviews. Past clients are another great way to evaluate their niche know-how. For instance, their landing page might cite several companies in your sector, along with glowing testimonials.

2. Evaluate Different Pricing Options

Some eLearning vendors work on a milestone basis, while others request a percentage up front and the rest on the completion of the project. There’s also the matter of what’s included in the package. Do they offer revisions or client support? Does the price include deployment and hosting? Evaluate the various pricing options that are available and compare them to your budget. Yet another cost consideration is future online training content, which I cover in the next item on the list.

3. Assess Their List Of Online Training Solutions

You may not need to expand your microlearning online training library today, but what about the next quarter? It’s best to find a Mixed Reality training company that offers a broad range of solutions. But they should also limit their menu to avoid stretching themselves too thin. Identify which online training solutions you need in the following year then look for eLearning vendors who meet the requirements. Do they also specialize in gamification? What about social learning integration? Of course, you can always endure another round of eLearning vendor vetting if you prefer.

4. Hire Them For A Sample Project

There may still be doubts about whether the eLearning vendor is best for your bottom line, even after reading reviews. This is where sample projects enter the picture. They give you the opportunity to gauge the quality of work for yourself and evaluate the eLearning vendor’s work practices. Do they talk you through every step of the process or leave you in the dark about important updates or changes? How long does it take them to reply to your emails? Are they able to use your existing online training resources to reduce costs? Do they know how to use the latest immersive learning tech to achieve the desired outcomes? Do they welcome your input?

5. Set Up A Project Scope Meeting

There should actually be two separate meetings if you’re opting for the sample project. One before the project to clarify your expectations of the project scope. Then another one to recap the online training experience and exchange eLearning feedback. This also helps work out any issues regarding communication, online training objectives, and revision sessions. For instance, your team felt left out of the process during the sample project. How can you improve collaboration and build a long-term relationship with the eLearning vendor? Are there any conflicts between their workflow and yours? These are all concerns to address early on before you move onto the actual VR or AR training development.

How To Implement Immersive Learning To Achieve Your Goals

Mixed Reality training used to be the stuff of dreams reserved for sci-fi novels and movies. But it’s now a feasible—and cost-effective—way to unlock employee potential and prepare them for practical challenges. Here’s a brief summary of the tips and tricks you’ll discover in Real World Minus The Risks: How To Implement Immersive Learning For Actual L&D Success.

  • Maximizing Mixed Reality: Benefits Of Immersive Learning For Employee Training
  • What Is Immersive Learning: Fundamentals Of Interactive Learning Activities
  • Immersive Learning Implementation Errors And Tips To Avoid
  • Tips To Choose The Best VR Training Companies For Immersive Learning
  • Immersive Learning Activities To Add To Your Remote Online Training Library
  • Ways To Use Immersive Learning To Encourage Calculated Risk-Taking
  • Tips To Choose The Best Immersive Learning Approach
  • Secrets To Create The Perfect Immersive Learning Environment For Busy Employees
  • Compliance Issues Solved With Immersive Learning And Simulation Training
  • Immersive Learning Misconceptions And Myths You Should Dispel Today
  • BYOD And Immersive Learning: Tips To Cut AR Training Costs
  • Immersive Learning Outsourcing: Tips To Use Online Directories For VR Training Companies
  • Innovative Ways To Use Immersive Learning For Meaningful Online Training Experiences

Download Real World Minus The Risks: How To Implement Immersive Learning For Actual L&D Success today to implement Mixed Reality training in your organization. Whether you plan to outsource eLearning content development or tackle the job in-house, our eBook can help you cut costs and avoid common mistakes as well as put an end to some of the misconceptions that have prevented you from launching immersive learning initiatives in the past. Every company benefits from Mixed Reality training, even SMBs with a tight budget and limited staff size.

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