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10 Reasons Why An Employee Onboarding App Benefits New Recruits

Benefits Of Employee Onboarding App
Summary: In this article, we will discuss the benefits an employee onboarding app would provide to new recruits.

Benefits Of Employee Onboarding Apps

In this digital age, there’s an app for everything. Most businesses have understood that the best way to reach their customers is through an app, as it is an ingenious way to always stay close to customers—just a tap away on their smartphones. A number of corporate organizations across the world have understood that this idea can be applied to the employees in their workplace as well and have created onboarding and learning apps to deliver content directly to new recruits’ smartphones.

Employee onboarding apps streamline the whole onboarding process by delivering onboarding training to a learner’s smartphone, which makes it engaging, fun, and relatable, as modern individuals already use their smartphones for almost everything today. What’s best, recruits can get acclimatized to the organization, learn about its culture, be shown around the organization, read about the stakeholders of the organization, and much more, giving them a strong start to their journey at the organization. In this article, let us further discuss the benefits an employee onboarding app provides new recruits.

1. Prevents Poaching Of Recruits

Potential recruits are usually talking to other organizations at the same they are talking to you and could be poached by competition before you get a chance to fully recruit them. Onboarding employees through an employee onboarding app engages them, impresses them, familiarizes them with the workplace, and secures their loyalty early, which ensures that they stop considering other organizations.

2. Saves Time And Resources

The first week after a new recruit joins the organization is usually spent giving them the tour of the office, introducing them to people, helping them get the feel of the place, and helping them familiarize themselves with equipment. An employee onboarding app can help you do all of this without them ever setting foot in the organization so that when they actually do, they know the office, the people, as well as the equipment, saving a lot of time and resources.

3. Offers Continuous Support

Nobody expects the new recruit to have all of the company’s policies down pat within their first few days, or know each and everything about their job role without help. Having an employee onboarding app ensures that the new recruits can access company policies, training resources, and other assistance instead of bothering their colleagues and/or superiors while feeling ashamed.

4. Helps Them Familiarize With The Learning Culture Right From The Start

Your onboarding/learning app certainly won’t be limited to just onboarding recruits but will continue providing Learning and Development to them once they’ve settled in their roles. However, by introducing them to the app before they even join the organization, you inculcate a habit of using the app for Learning and Development of knowledge and skills in them right from the start.

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5. Gets Them To Interact With Others

You can use your onboarding/learning app to schedule tasks for the new recruits, tasks which require them to talk to and interact with other employees. You could send them assignments that require them to ask their colleagues questions, perform a task together, simply click photos, or complete other similar challenges.

6. Introduces Them To Gamification

Even though gamification is a popular digital learning trend nowadays, there are still not a lot of employees that are familiar with it. Your onboarding/learning app could be a great opportunity to introduce your new employees to gamification and wow them in the process. Use gamification in their onboarding training, this will let them know the superior quality of L&D they can expect from your organization.

7. Gathers Data For Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is a learning strategy that can make the Learning and Development of employees more focused and targeted if done properly. However, to do it properly, you require accurate data from the employees regarding their learning needs, interests, skills, and the like. This in turn requires that learners fill in the information they can accurately, as well as attempt a few training courses. You can ask them for the information you need as well as gather the data you need during the onboarding training itself in order to build personalized learning paths for the new employees.

8. Gets Feedback From Employees

Of course, your onboarding/learning app has to have a means of collecting feedback. Feedback lets you know what your new recruits and employees are thinking, which can be used to improve their training, the L&D program, or the work culture itself. Yet another benefit of having an onboarding/learning app.

9. Notifies Recruits/Employees To Train

Having an onboarding/learning app also means that you can send notifications and reminders to your new recruits to train, perform tasks, join discussion groups, check out the new digital learning course or module, the leaderboard, or anything you can think of which is relevant to their training.

10. Extend The Benefits Of The App To Remote Employees

Your organization’s remote employees (employees who don’t work in your office, but out in the field or in call centers) are important members of your organization too. You can provide them with the same training (both onboarding training and L&D) as your regular employees and recruits. The app can be used to benefit employees anywhere in the world.

If you want to keep up with the ever-dynamic modern digital age, you better be ready to invest your time, effort, and money in new technologies and strategies. Particularly when they provide you great ROI. An employee onboarding/learning app is such a worthy investment.

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