6 Reasons To Use eLearning Templates

Why To Use eLearning Templates

If you’ve ever created an eLearning course, there’s no need to tell you that starting from scratch can be time-consuming. Fortunately, one of the biggest benefits of using eLearning templates is that they give you the ability to cut costs and speed up your delivery schedule. They also allow you to add creativity and cohesiveness to your eLearning course design, even if you are not a graphic designer. Let’s take a closer look at the top 6 benefits of using eLearning templates in your eLearning course design.

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1. eLearning Templates Increase Learner Engagement

eLearning templates are created with your audience and subject matter in mind. Even a pre-built eLearning template can be modified to personalize the eLearning experience. The different page layouts and unique designs motivate your online learners to actively engage with the online training material. Also, you have the option to custom-tailor eLearning templates to meet your online learners' needs, or to integrate various interactive elements. For example, audio recordings, real-world activities, graphs, charts and many more. If you don’t want to experiment with your own ideas, you can always use the ready-made visuals and auditory eLearning content.

2. eLearning Templates Reduce eLearning Development Costs

You need an entire eLearning team to design a meaningful eLearning course. There is often a difference of opinion among group members, as everyone has their own ideas and opinions. Thus, finalizing the eLearning course design involves a significant amount of time and energy. If you use standardized eLearning templates, your eLearning team can get to the eLearning content development right away. Similarly, you can reuse the eLearning templates time after time to reduce your eLearning development costs. Among the many eLearning template benefits is also the broad range of layouts they offer. For example, you can create serious games, interactive scenarios, and eLearning assessments without having to hire external programmers.

3. eLearning Templates Are User-Friendly

There are a variety of eLearning templates available online. Most rapid eLearning authoring tools also feature pre-configured eLearning templates in their online asset library. This releases you from the stress of programming and designing your eLearning course from the ground up. eLearning templates are not only easy to use, but they also give you the chance to experiment with new ways to present your eLearning content. If you don’t want to select from the countless number of eLearning templates available, you always have the option of creating your own or customize a pre-made eLearning template to add a personal touch. You can change the image size, graphics, or font to meet the needs of your eLearning course design. In most cases, you simply drag and drop the elements onto the page.

4. eLearning Templates Reduce eLearning Development Time

You can use an existing eLearning template without building it from scratch every time. Thanks to the sheer abundance of options, you don’t have to worry about finding an eLearning template that suits your needs. Most eLearning templates also contain coding that speeds up the process. For example, definitions, procedures, and presentation patterns. Furthermore, every series of eLearning templates has a master slide. This slide serves as the basic layout for the whole set of eLearning templates in terms of structure, color and navigation options. Making changes to the master slide will automatically reflect in the interconnected slides. Options like this save you the time and trouble of making changes in each slide every time before you start with the new one. eLearning templates give you the freedom to spend more time on the eLearning content instead of spending days laying the foundation.

5. eLearning Templates Are Free Of Bugs And Viruses

By using eLearning templates, you rule out the possibility of an annoying bug ruining your entire eLearning course. The released eLearning templates undergo many rounds of scrutiny before making the final cut. They are checked for programming errors and viruses on different platforms to ensure that the eLearning developers haven’t overlooked any glitches. Moreover, the secure frameworks in which eLearning templates work make them an even more powerful tool. If you create your own eLearning template, be sure to leave plenty of time at the end for analysis and revisions. Putting in the effort now will save you a headache later on.

6. Enhance Your Brand Image

In addition to the benefits of using eLearning templates already mentioned, note that eLearning templates also allow you to integrate your own branding elements. For example, you can include your logo or color scheme. This helps enhance your image and adds value to your eLearning course design. This is due to the fact that online learners can see that you’ve produced a high-quality finished product. You’ve taken the time to incorporate your messaging, and your amazing eLearning content serves as an example for your brand and its commitment to excellence. You also have the ability to add social media icons, which expands your online presence and gives online learners an outlet. If they encounter any issues, support is just a click away. Last but not least, every aspect of your eLearning course features the same look and feel. This ties everything together and gives online learners a great first impression.

eLearning templates speed up the eLearning development process while reducing the cost. They give you a head start by allowing you to focus on the content of your eLearning course rather than worrying about design or production errors. You have a huge pool of eLearning templates of various styles and fonts to choose from, or you can create your own to customize every element from the ground up. The key is selecting the best eLearning template for the task. So, do your research and look for multi-purpose layouts that can be used time and again. Your rapid eLearning authoring tool should be the first place to look, as well as online training repositories that feature free options.

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