Remote Working In The Years Of Coronavirus: The Story Of eLearning Industry

Remote Working In The Years Of Coronavirus: The Story Of eLearning Industry
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Summary: What did you do when the coronavirus pandemic came to your country? Did you switch to remote working? Could your employees adapt fast to the new reality? In this article, I share my own point of view and how I got to take action fast at the eLearning Industry office.

Implementing Remote Working For eLearning Industry Employees

Globally, we are all face-to-face with an invisible enemy. A tiny, enveloped, spherical, about 120 nm in diameter bandit that can infect every human being in zero time [1]. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is the hot topic of discussion worldwide, as it has attacked a great number of the population by now. Coronaviruses are not new, however, this one now is extremely contagious—as you may have noticed—and condemns people who suffer from health issues, mostly respiratory, and the elderly. As we speak, in Europe, Italy is in the worst position, counting hundreds of deceased. I think you would agree with me that no one ever believed that humanity would witness such a pandemic again. Okay, probably only those who are really into the Walking Dead series, or zombie apocalypse films. But science has developed fast, we have tons of vaccines, medications, and a good healthcare system. Sadly, these are not enough for the new COVID-19. This is why, as an initiative to control the spread of the virus—and not the virus itself as many think—governments and authorities have taken measures of social distancing, remote working, and lockdown of cities or even countries.

This is something that should not scare you. I repeat, do not be scared. It’s a measure to enhance the safety of our families and ourselves. In times of extreme crisis, humans somehow manage to adapt to new situations. And it’s imperative to do so in order to survive. It’s an instinct, anyway. Now it’s finally the time for proactiveness to shine bright. Even if your businesses are in lockdown, don’t be scared. You’ll make tables turn. The economy is facing a crisis, too, but every end brings a new beginning. Fear not, I highlight again.

eLearning Industry: Behind The Scenes

So, I’m sharing this inspirational story with you, in view of further motivating and encouraging every leader, business expert, even employees. eLearning Industry is my second family, and I believe to be the father of it. And what does a caring father do? He makes sure his children are always safe, happy, and healthy. I would never risk the health of my employees, this is why I was thinking deeply about it even from the very beginning of the outbreak.

On the other hand, business is business, and I would never like to put the stability of the company, the processes, and whatever it involves in danger. Nor would I dare leave clients or the eLearning audience hanging. Remote working was a one-way decision for me. And so I did, in a heartbeat. I didn’t wait for the government itself to announce any measures, it was very obvious to me that my employees had to work remotely from home. For the first time, massively. Luckily, the field of eLearning Industry can be managed digitally, this is why I didn't hesitate to take such measures. Our culture promotes trust, solidarity, and dedication to a common goal. It wasn't hard for remote working to be implemented to our workforce—all of the employees know exactly what they have to do and how to do so effectively from home. However, seeing an empty office definitely takes a toll on me. I miss physical contact, face-to-face meetings, pizza Fridays, and the jokes we share.

Think Fast, Motivate, Encourage, Lead, Then Act

Long story short, if you are one of the organizations that had to take similar measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, or thinking of applying them, you need to consider a few parameters. Distance working entails risks but also assists sick employees or employees that were advised to self-isolate themselves.

First, you need to think if you have any processes that absolutely demand physical presence or are of high risk. Then, if you have any paperwork that cannot be turned into a digital form. Also, do all of your employees have the right equipment or access to the internet? There is a high probability that you need to introduce new technology. Furthermore, can you manage all of your employees working from home? Do you trust they will be as productive as they were in the office?

Actually, if you have been following the latest trends in eLearning Industry, you may already have some answers on these. If not, you can always visit our blog, where you can delve into the knowledge of many eLearning experts, sharing their thoughts and opinions with our audience. Believe me in this, not only will you get insightful information, but also specific additional resources you might need, like eBooks and webinars! Don’t get me wrong, I’m sharing this so that you are able to make steady and confident steps toward your new work-from-home policy, backed up by the tips of hundreds of eLearning experts who have been dealing with eLearning resources for long. The eLearning community we proudly host for so long has demonstrated how powerful it can be when it comes to sharing, assisting, and offering solutions. Get to benefit from all its perks in these tough times of uncertainty.

Don't Hesitate To Share Your Story And Solutions

In case you are an eLearning expert that can offer additional advice to organizations who are struggling with remote working, our audience needs you now more than ever. Why don’t you share a blog post, full of useful information on dealing with this situation? Or, you could share your own story of your business, how you’ve dealt with the crisis, and the measures you have taken to ensure the well-being of your employees.

Embrace The Change And Keep On Fighting

Hopefully, we will all manage to get out of this stronger, more united, and more powerful. Some will expand their knowledge, enhance their skills, find hidden talents, and thrive. After every massive downfall, there’s always rebirth and new beginnings. Worry not, we’re witnessing change. And change is not something to chicken out on. Embrace the new data and keep yourself on the lookout. By all means, stay positive and try to learn more instead of worrying over it and how devastating it could turn out to be. But first and foremost, be safe. Stay at home, be productive, grow, and make way for better days.


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