6 Secrets To Hosting Leadership Development Webinars And Events For Remote Employees

6 Secrets To Hosting Leadership Development Webinars And Events For Remote Employees
Summary: Live events keep remote employees in the loop and up-to-date on company policies, protocols, and regulations. But there are some insider secrets to be the host with the most for your next leadership development webinar.

Creating Leadership Development Webinars For Remote Employees

You want remote staffers to look forward to online training live events. Granted, they may not count down the days until the compliance workshop. But they should seize the opportunity to interact with guest speakers and ask questions to improve on-the-job performance. So, how do you host leadership development webinars that make them want to click that RSVP button and not regret it? Is it simply a matter of finding the right presenter and video conferencing tool? There’s much more to it than that, as you’ll see in this article. Here are 6 secrets to hosting successful leadership online training events for your emerging talent and experienced managers alike.

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1. Send Training Materials Before The Big Day

Leaders are usually pressed for time. They want to attend the event but may not have room in their schedule for a day-long webinar or weekend workshop. So, send online training materials before the event so they can prep on their own. For example, your traditional training workshops include frequent breaks wherein employees participate in simulations or scenarios. Then the host continues with their presentation before taking another activity-filled break the next hour. Distributing resources in advance transforms these marathon sessions into hour-long events that are more engaging and convenient. Thanks to the fact that employee training participants have already covered the basics through self-paced studies.

2. Use A Mobile-Friendly Video Conferencing Tool

You can’t get employee training participants amped up for the next live event, only to have login issues or lagging during the session. Invest in a mobile-friendly video conferencing tool that’s reliable and intuitive. It should also have a built-in recording and editing function so you can work with the raw footage. For example, upload it to your library so that people who couldn’t attend don’t miss out on the benefits. Employees must be able to view the live session on any device without having to worry about tech hiccups.

3. Invite Top Talent To Guest-Speak

You don’t necessarily have to take on the hosting responsibilities on your own. Invite top performers to guest-speak at the event and share their expertise. Everyone has a strength that can help others hone. Encourage them to write a basic outline to stay on topic. Then give them a time slot and topic to address. For instance, the customer service manager talks about the most challenging personalities they’ve had to deal with. As well as tips to overcome difficult customers through active listening and open communication.

4. Create A Script To Keep The Event On Track

The tricky thing about leadership development webinars is that the conversation can quickly veer off-topic. Audience participation is ideal, but there is a downside. Attendees get so caught up in the discussion that they forget it’s a scheduled online training session. Or someone is more vocal about their ideas or opinions and hijacks the live event. So, write a script to ensure that you respect everyone’s time and allow them to voice their thoughts. For instance, the first 10 minutes involve a brief introduction to the topic and knowledge refreshers. Then you move onto a short Q&A so that attendees can clear up any confusion. Followed by a personal anecdote to set the tone and get them emotionally engaged.

5. Include Follow-Up Links For Self-Guided Online Training

Just as you sent attendees online training materials before the event, it’s a good idea to include follow-up links for self-guided exploration. These online training resources expand their knowledge and fill in the gaps. As an example, the online training tutorials highlight every step of the task you just talked about during the live event. They can watch it time and again to refresh their memory and pause on the challenging parts to get an up-close look. This also allows them to focus on personal areas for improvement right away. Particularly those they just uncovered during the live event. There’s no time like the present to bridge those gaps and fulfill your potential. Another option is to provide a supplementary guide that features valuable resource links, both in your LMS and online. Like YouTube videos or vendor support tools they can use to improve comprehension.

6. Ask Questions To Get Attendees Involved And Gather Feedback

There are 2 primary reasons to ask questions during leadership development webinars. The first is to get employees involved in the discussion. They can’t just sit back and watch events unfold. You can either pose a question to the entire group and see who rises to the challenge. Or call on certain attendees who are less vocal than others. The second reason is to gather valuable eLearning feedback. This is your golden opportunity to get their honest opinion about your online training strategy. As well as determine if they’re getting the knowledge they need. For instance, most of your attendees seem to be a little confused about the new compliance regulations. Or they share similar on-the-job challenges regarding communication or soft skills.

Live events, webinars, and workshops can quickly veer off-topic if there isn’t a moderator to keep things on track. So, someone should be there to support the host and give attendees a gentle nudge if they veer off course. It’s also a good idea to include an event overview in the beginning so that employees know what to expect. For example, when you’ll cover a certain topic so they can complete a work task, then come back to the live session.

Leadership online training benefits every member of your organization, from new hires to higher-ups. Download the eBook Transform Top Talent Into Team Leaders: The Ultimate Guide For Leadership Development Training and find out how to create outstanding leadership development training—along with the pitfalls you should avoid, and more.