Significance Of Rapid Authoring Tools To Deliver Efficient eLearning Solutions

The Significance Of Rapid Authoring Tools: A Quick Tour Of The Benefits Of Rapid Authoring eLearning

Technological advancements have opened new market opportunities for progress in varied domains including health, education, finance, social welfare, and the environment. The rise of automation is driving a radical shift in the delivery of eLearning services and solutions to reduce training costs, enhance workplace productivity and attain infrastructure agility. Cloud-based learning authoring tools enable organizations develop content in a fast and efficient way, thereby taking content authoring to the next level.

Authoring tools range from a wide array of software to develop sophisticated applications as well as simple tools to deliver effective eLearning courses. Few tools are not only customized to eLearning, but also serve multi-purposes to design and create websites as well. When used by developers, these are known as authoring tools and this is when the significance of Learning Management Systems comes into place.

Why Is The Choice Of Authoring Tools Significant?

Choosing an authoring tool is one of the most important decisions any training organization can make. If you choose tools that are not optimized per your customized needs, then eLearning might not work so effectively within the training infrastructure. Another important factor to be considered is durability, which can either make or break your training budgets. This relates to whether the tools would be used for long so that they provide continuous support during the entire eLearning process. Also, it helps to decide whether, in future, authoring tools will produce supported formats for different browsers and plug-ins. Sometimes, organizations wonder whether adopting a particular set of tools is a good choice or not.

There are several benefits offered by automated eLearning tools. In today’s time, there is nothing as ‘one size fits all’ and people look for more personalized learning solutions. Therefore, it is essential to impart customized solutions to cater to diverse learning needs. Collecting data during the registration process with custom assignment rules ensures that learners are self-directed to the training courses that best suit their profiles. eLearning services using rapid authoring decreases the cycle time of marketing digital content. Rapid authoring will offer plethora of benefits that you would need:

  • Improved speed of development and ease to change content.
  • Ready-to-use Interactive components.
  • Unified integration with robust learning platform.
  • Short learning curve for customers.
  • Content can be repurposed for effective online content delivery.

Do you wish to enroll new sales representatives for online courses to make them more productive? Then, the need of authoring tools is crucial for your organization. One more benefit of automated eLearning is that it facilitates social learning among learners from different groups. This type of informal learning when blended with formal learning strategies such as instructor-led or virtual classrooms helps transforming knowledge into efficient eLearning.

Rapid authoring tools help learners fulfil their custom content needs much faster. Tools such as Articulate Storyline and Captivate are used to churn out courses more quickly and efficiently, saving training costs along with enhanced quality experience. Let us discuss how these automation tools are useful:

  • Articulate Storyline. 
    Articulate Storyline is an efficient tool used to develop a dynamic content with simulations, lecture recordings, question slides, drag-and-drop options and assessments. Its features include intuitive interface, proficient technical support, ease of maintenance, animation synchronization and incredible mobile support.
  • Adobe Captivate. 
    Captivate is a powerful application used to transform storyboard into an interactive online content, including scenarios, questionnaires and other media elements. This powerful eLearning development tool integrates gamut of features to use technology-enabled resources that are accessible on multiple devices. Some of these features include user-friendly interface, clear cut editing, advanced captioning system, tracking & reporting and creation of entirely interactive courses.

Final Word

Selecting the right authoring tool to design your eLearning course is very significant. You should choose Flash or Storyline based on diverse learning needs. As every tool has different features, knowing which tool suits the best can be daunting. So, it is necessary to first try using the tool, increase your investment and see training outcomes.

These enable content to be accessible on mobile devices, as mobile learning is now becoming the significant paradigm to impart eLearning. In addition, promoting reusability in eLearning demands for the use of authoring tools with built-in features to deliver engaged learning experiences. Rapid eLearning leverage the opportunities for workplace training, flexible learning and tracking of employees’ performance with a promise of quicker and more efficient development cycle.

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