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September 25, 2015

iPad Pro For mLearning: Is The iPad Pro What eLearning Industry Needs?

On September 9, 2015, Apple announced the long-awaited iPad Pro [1]. To some, the announcement was a huge letdown. More of the same. To others, this laptop-sized tablet could be a stroke of genius. Regardless of your bias towards Apple’s continual product evolution, is using iPad Pro for mLearning a great idea? Does this new tablet make the perfect eLearning device?
by Ken Whitaker
September 10, 2015

7 Tips For Creating Tablet-Friendly eLearning Courses

Mobile device usage is rapidly growing, and eLearning’s natural evolution is headed in the direction of tablet-friendly eLearning courses. In this article, I’ll offer some insights and advice on how to create tablet-friendly eLearning courses that are easily accessible for your mobile learners.
by Christopher Pappas
September 6, 2015

The Benefits Of Custom Mobile Learning Solutions For Your Company

In one of my earlier articles, “Top 5 Tips For Innovative eLearning Development”, I had touched upon two significant challenges that Learning and Development teams face today. First is, how to enhance efficacy of learning; second being what learning strategies should be adopted to ensure both learning and business mandates are met. Adopting custom mobile learning solutions for your company could be one of the measures to mitigate these challenges.
by Asha Pandey
August 30, 2015

Custom Mobile Learning Solutions: 5 Common Misconceptions

The popularity of mobile learning or mLearning continues to grow. Interestingly, integration of mobile devices into corporate learning strategies has been triggered largely by learners who want the flexibility of device they want to learn on. As a result, many corporates worldwide now have Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in place and have embraced custom mobile learning or mLearning solutions in the last 2-3 years. Yet there are several misconceptions around the effectiveness of custom mobile learning or mLearning solutions. In this article I will outline five of the common misconceptions on custom mobile learning solutions. More specifically, I will share some pointers on how you can address some of these challenges and create an effective custom mobile learning solution that will work for you.
by Asha Pandey
August 14, 2015

Why Gen Y Doesn't Want To Use mLearning?

It is a common way of thinking that mobile learning is a perfect way of delivering competencies to young people. A couple of months ago, during one of our consulting projects, we realized that this is not so sure. Here is a story about Gen Y who doesn’t want to use mLearning…
by Marek Hyla
July 9, 2015

4 Reasons Why Mobile Learning Is A Smart Strategy

Mobile learning is a smart strategy. Think about this: what would a day without your smartphone be like? Are you feeling a little anxious… maybe wondering how you’ll check your email or look up the nearest 24-hour drug store when you run out of allergy medicine or check to see what the hipsters are posting on Instagram? Phew. Your phone is an essential part of everyday life—and your learners’ lives. That’s one reason why mLearning is a smart strategy for multiple industries, including the education realm and training departments all over the world.
by Christie Wroten
June 19, 2015

Desktop Versus Mobile Learning

Who would win in an eLearning cage fight—the bigger, older, and experienced desktop computer or the young, light on its feet mobile device? A similar scenario played out in a recent Game of Thrones episode. The characters were debating the outcome of a fight between a hulking warrior and his scrawny opponent. The end result of the battle surprised a few characters and pleased a few others. Similarly, the quick rise of mobile learning may have surprised some and left us asking….
by Stephanie Ivec
May 31, 2015

Why Blended Learning Still Ticks My Boxes

Mobile learning is not designed to be an educational tool that works in silo, but as a tool that complements other training measures such as classroom style training and virtual classes. By developing learning strategies that incorporate a wide variety of learning activities such as classroom instruction, virtual training, or mobile learning, companies can give staff greater, more flexible learning and improved performance support.
by Mark Rose