Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning (mlearning) is a revolution in e-Learning. Learn everything about the trends, the advantages and many more from our top eLearning authors.

Mobile Game-Based Learning (Image Designed by Thaleia Deniozou)

Mobile Games for Adult Learning: What’s the Appeal?

This post introduces the potential of using mobile games as effective tools for adult learners living in a society of constant movement, where the massive penetration of mobile technology is an undeniable fact. Examining social practices, technology circumstances of use, the profile of the new learner and changing gaming cultures the emerging potential of mobile games for learning becomes apparent and is here discussed.

Mobile Learning Tools

Mobile Learning Tools

The following 42 Mobile Learning Tools allow specific creation of learning modules for mobile devices and/or allow output to HTML5 and/or provide delivery of mobile learning. Most major LMS and LCMS vendors either have mobile solutions in place or are quickly moving to include them.