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December 6, 2016

3 Benefits Of Mobile App Development For Corporate Training

With many organizations moving to an on-demand training strategy where learning content is accessed when and where learners want, now may be the time to consider developing a mobile app. In this article, PulseLearning discusses how the mobile app development for corporate training can take your training experience to the next level.
by Ruby Spencer, CTDP
September 21, 2016

Why Business Application Training Is Important

Across the globe, companies spend $130 billion on corporate training, reports The Corporate Learning Factbook, despite incredibly low retention rates. In fact, only around one-quarter of training programs lead to any noticeable impact in employee performance, says McKinsey. Which raises the question: If companies waste billions of dollars on inefficient business application training, then why does application training so frequently fail?
by Julia Bespala
September 10, 2016

4 Corporate Training Apps For Training On Demand

Corporate training is seeing a serious development. Today, training is delivered directly onto the place where employees are captivated most of the time: Their smartphones. Mobile phones offer complete control of what we are informed of. Here are 4 corporate training apps that offer a new approach to learning.
by Meeankshi Krishnan
September 7, 2016

Discussing eLearning For Mental Health

eLearning has rapidly expanded to provide more flexible learning options in the medical sphere, but could it also be used to promote learning amidst the patients? This article explores options for using eLearning for mental health training.
by Adrienne Erin
September 4, 2016

4 Ways To Use Your Mobile Polling App

Audience interaction is an important part of engagement and successfully delivering a personalized message. Mobile polling applications allow our audience to vote or make multiple choice selections and seamlessly provide their immediate opinions in the office, classroom, lecture hall, or convention center. The opportunity to gauge your audience’s reaction makes it a powerful resource for modern communication. Additionally, there are more ways to use most mobile polling applications; it’s a flexible, versatile tool.
by Amelie Theron
August 31, 2016

Top 8 Mobile Apps For Text Analysis

Every day students deal with piles of papers and many-page documents, but don’t have much time to read them all. However, thanks to the rapid development of technologies, they can relish an array of solutions, among which are mobile apps able to analyze and summarize texts to the needed size. Here are 8 mobile apps for text analysis.
by Yana Yelina