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March 23, 2014

Top 5 Performance Support Apps for Learning Designers

Connie Malamed was one of the first in the learning industry to design and develop an app for learning designers. Naturally, during our interview with her, we were eager to probe and find out more about her inspiration and the thought process that went into the making of her app. This is also one of the many things that we were left wondering about after our interview. We set out on a journey to explore and learn more about other apps that are available for learning designers. Read on...

by Ravi Pratap Singh
March 11, 2014

Docebo’s new Apps set to disrupt e-Learning

In terms of usefulness, two new Apps stand out from the new version of Docebo’s learning management system. Learn how the ILT-Classroom App enables ILT and blended training activities so trainers can easily organize Courses and Sessions, Classrooms, Locations, Enrollments, Assessments and Evaluations.

by Bob Little
November 26, 2013

12 Free iPad Apps For Teaching Handwriting

If you are looking for a way to teach your little ones how to handwrite, check the list below. In this list you will find 12 Free iPad Apps that will help your children learn how to handwrite starting from small words and numbers. The audiovisual material provided will make learning a playful and fun process. 
by Christopher Pappas
October 27, 2013

Top 10 FREE iPad Apps For Teachers

Do you want to engage your students and encourage them to participate more actively? Plenty of Free iPad apps are now available to save you precious time and get your work done, while impressing your students and keeping their interest alive. Below you will find the Top 10 FREE iPad apps for teachers.

by Christopher Pappas
October 24, 2013

29 Free iPad Apps For Teaching The US History

Are you looking for a way to teach your children, or enrich your personal knowledge about the history of the United States? If so, the 29 Free iPad Apps listed below are exactly what you are looking for. These applications offer all the information that a parent, student, or teacher is looking for. Learning history will become and entertaining experience that will be enjoyed by everyone. Perfect for both, home and school use. 

by Christopher Pappas
September 29, 2013

15 Free Must Have iPad Apps For Elementary Students

In the list below you will find 15 free must-have iPad apps that will help your children or students practice and learn everything covered in school in an elementary level. Colorful games, stories, and other audiovisual material will keep them busy playing and at the same time learning and revising what they have done in the classroom.
by Christopher Pappas
August 28, 2013

8 Free iPad Apps For Exploring Environmental Earth Science

If you want enrich your general education knowledge concerning the Earth and how the environment functions the following applications are exactly what you are looking for. Use these free iPad Apps to learn the historical interest of rocks or the water cycle for example, and have a really good time while interacting with them.
by Christopher Pappas
August 5, 2013

55 Free iPad Apps For Practicing Reading

Are you looking for a way to practice reading with your child? In the following list you will find stories, picture books, audio playback games and other fun interactive applications that will help your kids practice reading, pronunciation and articulation, and enrich their vocabulary.

by Christopher Pappas
July 22, 2013

40 Free iPad Apps For Teaching Spelling

If you want your student or kid to be a better speller, this list is exactly what you are looking for. Search and download the following free applications for iPad and let your kids practice and improve their spelling skills while playing games. It’s fun, fast and free. 
by Christopher Pappas