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November 17, 2014

Dear Jo: Corporate Training Program Evaluation Should Be a “Habit”

Program evaluation for corporate training—so often it’s postponed, swept under the rug, becomes mired in discussions, line-item budget vetoed, or skipped altogether. Why is this? Consultant and former learning organization leader Jo Coulson answers a reader’s question and reflects on her own and her colleagues’ experiences to uncover this deep mystery of corporate training. With her insight, you can make program evaluation a habit in your learning organization.
by Jo Coulson
November 6, 2014

Make It Clear: Writing Tips for e-Learning

“If readers don’t understand what you write, you might as well have written nothing at all,” explains Copyblogger, an online writing expert. Don’t let that happen in your e-Learning course! To create effective online training, you need to present your content clearly. Good e-Learning content is all about communicating clearly so that it’s not a chore for your learners to understand and learn the valuable information in your course.
by Christie Wroten
October 29, 2014

Theme-based Learning for Heightened Retention: An e-Learning Perspective

Theme-based Learning can be utilized to create a common thread of familiarity for all learners and build strong connections with the topics being taught. Theme based learning is a common approach in the K12 scenario – but the benefits for corporate training are also manifold. A theme is the existence of common ideas and topics across multiple contexts. By building relationships between topics, themes provide a common ground for understanding multiple topics in detail. This approach works very well when catering to a diverse learner group or learners who are new to the idea of technology-aided learning.
by Arunima Majumdar
October 14, 2014

Why and How To Use Performance Goals in eLearning

Performance goals pertain to measurable skills and talents that can be achieved during eLearning. They can be beneficial in both public and private eLearning settings, given that they allow learners to explore their strengths and improve upon weaknesses by fine tuning behaviors. In this article, I'll talk about why performance goals add value into your eLearning deliverables, how to develop and use performance goals in eLearning, as well as how to link them into your eLearning deliverables.
by Christopher Pappas
October 7, 2014

Dear Jo: “I’ve Just Been Handed the Training Department!” - Part Two

Continuing with the second installment of Dear Jo, industry veteran Jo Coulson answers your corporate training and performance improvement questions! In Part Two of “I’ve Just Been Handed the Training Department!”, Jo’s reader has taken over the training department but has minimal background in learning and development. How much training industry knowledge does she need, and how can she get it?
by Jo Coulson
September 18, 2014

Do Listening Styles Matter in Online Learning?

Communicating is all about what you say… Right? The skill of listening is often overlooked in discussions of communication styles and techniques. But without being able to listen—and recognize how your conversation partner prefers to listen—you are not truly communicating. Understanding the different listening styles can help you improve your e-Learning content too.
by Stephanie Ivec