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December 22, 2014

Learners Think Training Is A Burden - 8 Tips to Change This!

I am sorry to bring the bad news, but unless you are creating commercial courses that people buy on their own, there is a big possibility your precious learners think that training is a burden. You might be putting your heart and soul into a product for people who actually wish training would disappear from their to-do list, and think that training is a useless waste of their time, time that they can use for other, more productive activities (like for example meeting this month’s target). I know it is unfair and harsh, but can you really blame them?
by Nahla Anwer Aly
December 16, 2014

3 Tips For Creating Interactive Self-Paced Online Courses

The learning experience for self-paced online courses has historically been fairly static. Trainees absorb information passively by watching videos, reading written passages, and clicking through Powerpoint slides. In this article, we discuss new technologies and methods for creating interactive self-paced online courses.
by Sandi Lin
December 11, 2014

Why Your Corporate Training Should Be Online

When was the last time you weren’t online? Was it that family camping trip last August, or the football game in the stadium that kills your phone signal? It’s nice to unplug once in a while, but some things are just better online—like your corporate training program. Still not sure e-Learning is the way to go? Read on to find out why your corporate training should be online.
by Stephanie Ivec
December 9, 2014

Your Ticket to Great Instructional Design

Instructional design is certainly not an easy business. Having been in the learning, training and development industry for more than 27 years, I can assertively say so. Instructional designers shoulder the important responsibility of sugar-coating the critical learning content in such a manner that training becomes not just a mandatory activity, but something that employees love. Now how do you do that? How can you possibly turn something boring into something that employees love? The answer to that is what differentiates a good instructional design from a poor one.
by Harikumar
December 8, 2014

Create Effective Mobile Training Courses With These 8 Simple Tips

Learning when and where learners want is one of the most significant benefits of eLearning, and the best way to achieve this is by offering them mobile training courses. But how can you quickly create effective mobile training courses without spending a great deal of time or money on the process? In this article you'll find a number of tips that can help you to quickly create effective mobile training courses.
by Christopher Pappas
November 25, 2014

6 Tips To Motivate Your Employees in Online Training

In this article, I'll share a variety of online training motivation tips that will allow you to create interactive and engaging online training experiences for your employees. Whether you're trying to increase training effectiveness or want to make mandatory training memorable, these techniques can help you achieve your goal.
by Christopher Pappas
November 23, 2014

Elearning For Learning, Performance Support For Performance

While the goal of elearning and training interventions is to achieve learning, it is performance support that can help achieve performance (employee and organizational). Almost every organization applies elearning or other training interventions to achieve training goals. Why do we not see many organizations apply performance support to achieve performance? What is the show-stopper?
by Isha G