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April 8, 2013

Soft Skills Training that Actually Isn’t

Do you remember taking a “soft skills” training class earlier in your career? Perhaps a sales skills training course? A leadership communication skills class? I’m betting you spent the majority of your training time listening to an instructor, watching a few video segments and taking some notes. What percentage of the time in your class was focused on role plays or other behavioral learning activities that allowed you to practice the skills you were supposed to learn?
by Bryan Austin
April 3, 2013

Mobile Games for Adult Learning: What’s the Appeal?

This post introduces the potential of using mobile games as effective tools for adult learners living in a society of constant movement, where the massive penetration of mobile technology is an undeniable fact. Examining social practices, technology circumstances of use, the profile of the new learner and changing gaming cultures the emerging potential of mobile games for learning becomes apparent and is here discussed.

by Thaleia Deniozou
March 11, 2013

7 Important Tips For Training Success After It Ends

Speak to any learning officer within an organization and he/she will surely tell you that two of the biggest challenges they face are getting their employees to retain the knowledge they received during the initial training sessions, and beyond that to apply that knowledge to practical skills and daily tasks.  It's not an easy thing to answer, and there are no simple solutions.  But here are seven tips toward achieving that objective.

by Jason Silberman
January 21, 2013

A Learning Strategy: Reaching Organizational Goals

Many organizations have similar approaches in providing learning opportunities. Staff is encouraged to participate in online programs or webinars, attend a conference, and in some cases, take advantage of a tuition assistance program. Others still provide ad hoc programs offered by different business groups providing learning opportunities on internal processes or technical training. This approach doesn’t support or foster a learning environment. If you offer such opportunities, but don't have a plan that identifies how learning aligns to organizational goals – and how individual goals contribute to reaching them – then there’s an opportunity to create a learning strategy.
by Ruth Kustoff
April 23, 2012

Implementing the Five Moments of Need Model

I have been following the work of Bob Mosher & Conrad Gottfredson (better known as Bob&Con) for several years now. They made a significant contribution to workplace learning studies by introducing the "Five Moments of Need" model (Mosher & Gottfredson, 2011). The model captures both formal and informal learning tracks and needs. In recent years I researched and implemented real- time learning strategies in corporate settings, using performance support platforms.
by Eran Gal