Corporate eLearning Best Practices

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August 21, 2013

5 Tips To Add Interaction To Your Training Courses

Many employees enter a training course with the expectation that it will be boring, long and a waste of time, but why? Whether it’s from past experience or just from stories heard from friends and colleagues, employees are not typically excited when they find out they need to go through training.
by Kristen Marshall
August 8, 2013

The Agile Approach To Learning Game Design

Corporate learning professionals, instructional designers, trainers and eLearning pros… listen up. I want to let you in on a little secret: Game-based learning requires a whole new approach to learning design. It’s not the same as eLearning development, and it’s definitely not a set of skills you can pick up at an in-service day. The ADDIE approach to learning and development simply does not work with games. You have to go Agile instead.

by Steven Boller
July 25, 2013

Is eLearning Ready To Be A Grown Up?

It’s been more than two decades since eLlearning was introduced as an alternative delivery method for training. What started as a niche solution with more questions than answers has matured into a strategic tool for many organizations that impacts everything from employee development to risk management and customer retention.
by Steve Lowenthal
July 12, 2013

Brand-Led Learning

Your brand embodies the personality of your organization and your products or services.  This personality creates thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs and attitudes.  What’s this have to do with learning?  If learning isn’t aligned with you brand and culture, the chances of it being successful are greatly reduced.  Take these steps to get aligned with your brand and improve results and outcomes.

by Cammy Bean
July 3, 2013

Is eLearning Content King, Queen or a Slave?

When it comes to eLearning, content means everything. So even though eLearning technology, structure, presentation and effective assessment methods are key factors for a successful eLearning course and an enriching learner’s experience, if eLearning content is not masterfully designed, all the rest will just go down the drain. So, the questions is how to measure eLearning content effectiveness?

by Christopher Pappas
June 5, 2013

5 Best Practices For Incorporating Games Into Training Courses

Engaging and motivating your learners can be achieved through successfully gamifiying your e-Learning course. But just adding any game into your course may not benefit your learning at all; in fact, it could steer away from the key messages you are trying to portray. There are many aspects to consider when incorporating a game into your online training to guarantee that your course will not only engage your learners but also motivate them to learn.
by Kristen Marshall