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August 22, 2018 | Sponsored

Why You Need To Invest More On Product Knowledge Training

"I’ve got too much money and not enough places to spend it!" Chances are, if you are reading this article, these words have never come out of your mouth. With demand for training outreaching supply by a widening margin, this puts tremendous pressure on L&D teams to invest in the right solution. An entire book could be written on whether this money should be spent on leadership, customer support, onboarding, etc., so we have decided to only focus on one item in this article: sales training.
by Nolan Hout
August 21, 2018

eBook Release: The Engagement Engine Workbook

You can force learners to read, take tests, participate in activities, but it won’t get you near the results you aim for. Learner engagement makes the mind receptive to new knowledge, while people adopt a positive stance towards their training. This is why it is so fundamental. As all things touched by technological evolution, learning has changed greatly. To benefit from all the changes, an L&D professional must apply personalization, gamification, and social learning. This must-read serves as the best advocate to convince and assist you in putting the engagement machine in operation.
by Christopher Pappas
August 20, 2018

eBook Release–Sales Enablement Must-Haves: Tailored Content, Training, And Delivery Methods

When looking for ways your company can reach customer-related goals, like expansion, and relationship building, big part of the solution pass through your sales team: its members preparedness must be high, and this needs to show. Focus on content, training, and technology, and trust AllenComm. A sure way to discover and acquire those must-haves that’ll get you sales enablement.
by Christopher Pappas
August 20, 2018 | Sponsored

How Mobile Is Changing The eLearning Game

The mobile device gives way to countless opportunities when it comes to frequency of smart human interactions during training courses. Mobile applications will inherently encourage more social interactions simply because the user is able to receive notifications and quickly respond, which is an advantage over desktop.
by Amanda Rollins
August 19, 2018

Building A Successful eLearning Business Case, Part 1

When there are cuts to be made in the business world, the training budget is often the first on the chopping block. Whilst decision makers sharpen their knives, Learning & Development professionals are left to fight their corner. Training programmes are now expected to deliver the same results at a fraction of the price. This has left the door open for eLearning to make its grand entrance.
by Juliette Denny