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April 27, 2016

Why Software Licensing Must Consider The Needs Of The End User

As the traditional software application market migrates from the desktop to the enterprise and mobile, end user license management becomes a must-have design issue for software development servicing the eLearning community. For more than twenty-five years, I have had the pleasure of working with commercial software development teams. My first real lesson came when I joined Software Publishing Corporation as VP of development where end user awareness was more important than features. And then there was the effort involved with consumer-based software authentication in the form of end user licensing. I was surprised how much time we spent in internal warfare discussing how best to enforce user access with product management, financial, and legal effort. I’ve learned some dos and don’ts about software licensing that I’d like to share. Warning: This is going to sound a little preachy.
by Ken Whitaker
April 19, 2016 | Sponsored

8 Advantages Of Integrating An Interactive Training Software In Corporate Training

Quality content. Polished design. Easy navigability. Even if these three ingredients are important in order to make your learning simulations successful, they are nothing without interactivity. While it seems obvious, there are still so many training managers out there doing it the old way: Delivering content, even if valuable, without inserting any interactions. This kind of training is dead. Nowadays, you have to leverage options provided by new interactive training software, in order to make your serious games engaging. In this article, we are going to discuss 8 advantages of these kind of tools, and how you can use them to their full potential.
by Yann Teyssier
March 21, 2016

Apple, Google, Microsoft And The Looming Global Crash

This article ponders what key aspects of the most recent Annual Reports of the 'big three’ (i.e. Apple, Microsoft and Google) might actually mean when considered against a backdrop of a likely looming global crash of our present-day fiat monetary system; it then posits what the implications might be for eLearning in general.
by Chris Alexander
March 16, 2016

How To Use A Demo To Evaluate Online Training Software

Ever wondered about that big "Request a Demo" button you see on Learning Management System vendors' websites? A demo can actually help you to take weeks off the selection process for online training software. Here's how you can use the demo to speed up your organization's decision-making process.
by Brendan Noud
February 5, 2016

10 Best Business Presentation Software For eLearning Professionals

Choosing the right business presentation software tool is essential for eLearning professionals who need to show off their prototypes, host interactive webinars, or create detailed tutorials for eLearning courses. In this article, I’ll highlight the best business presentation software that you may want to add to your Learning & Development toolbox.
by Christopher Pappas