4 Surprising Ways That A Training Management Platform Boosts Employee Retention Rates

How A Training Management Platform Boosts Employee Retention Rates

Keeping a hold of your current staff should always be a huge concern for any business. Trying to hire and onboard a new member of staff can be so expensive, and it can knock your progress as a business back if you need to spend additional time which you weren’t expecting training a new member of staff! It can also be really off-putting to lose someone who has a lot of knowledge about your business and your processes, as bringing someone else up to speed can take a lot of time.

How An All-In-One Training Management Platform Can Benefit Your Business
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You obviously want to try everything possible to hold on to the amazing staff that you already have, but did you know your training management platform could also help you boost your employee retention rates?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use your training management platform to hold on to those prized team members!

1. Give Them More Time To Progress

If your business is incredibly busy, you could run the risk of overloading your staff and leaving them little time to progress in their role. Whether it’s additional training to make them better at their current job, or some progression training to help them snag that promotion, if their workload is too full, their chance to develop could be slipping.

Obviously, everyone needs to make time for mandatory training, but it’s a good idea to give your staff the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in areas they are passionate about as well, as anything that is going to make them more skilled at their job is going to be beneficial to the company as whole.

A training management platform is designed to help your entire business save a lot of time, and one way it can do this is by helping you automate a lot of tasks that your team will be used to completing manually. This could be things like sending emails, as well as writing to-do lists for every event you run, but by using a training management platform all you need to do is set these tasks up once, and then you can set them to repeat or simply copy them in a few clicks. Think of how much time that could save your entire team?

This means that staff will be able to complete the same amount of work, but in less time, giving them a bit more free time in their work week. This can obviously be used to complete additional work, but you can also use it to help with their training and development.

If staff are stuck in one role with no chance of progression, chances are they aren’t going to stick around for very long, so making sure you make the time to work on their progression could go a long towards making staff stick around for longer.

2. Provide Amazing Staff Training

While we’re on the topic of staff training and development, if your training management system has a Learning Management System included, you can use this to provide amazing staff training. Providing eLearning for your staff is good for a number of reasons:

  • You can personalize the content to be specific to your company, so you can make sure your staff are always learning the information that is relevant to them and their job roles.
  • Your staff can work through the training at their own pace.
  • The training content is always there for them to refer back to if they get stuck on something or need a refresher.
  • Staff don’t have to book out huge chunks of their day to attend training sessions, and instead can complete the training around their current workload.

Staff don’t want to attend dull training, and they probably don’t want to spend hours away from their desk in a classroom when they’ve got work piling up. None of that is going to help them retain the information they learn, which could mean the training is a waste of time.

Providing personalized training, which staff can work through at their convenience, could be a much better solution, and mean staff are much happier with your training offering. It also means that staff who want to complete additional training can easily fit this into their workday.

3. Reduce Dull, Duplicate Data

As we mentioned above, saving time is a huge benefit of a training management platform, and another way you can save huge amounts of time is to cut out all the duplicate data your team has to do.

Not only is this good for your business, but imagine how boring it is to enter the same data over and over again? Even with copy and paste, tasks like this can still take up a huge amount of time. If your staff are spending a lot of their day doing tasks like this, they’re hardly going to feel challenged in their job role, and it may lead them to look for something else.

Here are just some of the ways you can reduce duplicate data entry using a training management platform:

  • Using email templates for automated communications, so you don’t need to send each email individually.
  • Use course templates to copy all the course information across every instance of the course you schedule, then the only data you actually have to enter is the details which change, such as the date and the venue.
  • Use task workflows to decide on a task list for all of your events and then simply copy it to every event you schedule.
  • Pull reports which are updated in real-time, so once you’ve decided on the data you want to see, the training management system simply populates the report for you every time.

4. Work Normal Office Hours

One thing that could put staff off staying with your business is you expecting them to work unsociable shifts, such as night shifts or over the weekend. If you’re selling training as a business, you obviously never want to miss the chance to sell to a customer, but asking staff to work less than desirable shifts to cover this might not be the best solution, and they may go looking for a more traditional 9-5 role.

Using a training management system could mean that you can offer round the clock sales to your customers, but don’t actually have to have staff in the office to make sure these sales are completed.

If you use a training management platform with training course management software which integrates with your website, this will mean that you can sell courses through your website, and you can take the payment through your website at the same time.

So instead of having to have customer service reps on the end of the phone to put a sale through, customers will be able to purchase through your website at any time of day, even at the weekend! You can also set up automated emails to send the customer confirmation of their sale or any information they need about the course as well, so customers don’t need to wait till there’s someone in the office to know their sale has gone through.

Not only is this great for your staff, who get to go home and enjoy their free time, but it also means you’ll never lose out on a sale because there wasn’t someone at the end of the phone. Customers can simply complete the sale in minutes on your website!

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