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April 14, 2018

Examinations In Online Training Programs

Assessments are a tricky question when it comes to online training. How can you determine that someone’s real identity and their online identity match? How can you make sure that there is no cheating? Thankfully, modern LMSs provide various evaluation methods that will be described in this article.
by Corentin Sannié
April 13, 2018

3 Different Types Of Online Training Videos

Videos are an important component of courses, especially for MOOCs and SPOCs. They help empower learners by allowing them to pause, forward or rewind videos to match their pace. Yet, there are many ways to structure and produce a course, depending on your resources (both human and financial) and your goals.
by Corentin Sannié
April 8, 2018

5 Online Course Formats For Content Digitization

Where “digital” simply describes the process of transposing tangible content into digital content, “digitization” describes an intrinsic adaptation of this material. “Digitizing content” involves structural changes to correctly adapt to a new format with its own norms and use cases.
by Corentin Sannié