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April 11, 2018

Evaluating Your Online Learning Program (Part 2)

This article—a continuation of last month's article on evaluating online teacher professional development programs—examines 3 evaluation frameworks you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your online teacher professional development program.
by Mary Burns
March 30, 2018

Why Measure Training?

The only time we need to measure training is when someone is going to decide something as a result. We can often do this quite simply, as we only need to reduce the uncertainty about the future for the person who is actually making the decision.
by Sam Rogers
March 7, 2018

Evaluating Your Online Learning Program (Part 1)

Evaluation is often one of the weakest areas of any eLearning program. This article (the first of two parts) talks about ways to evaluate online programs. Here we examine evaluation—what it is, types of evaluations, measures, indicators, and instruments.
by Mary Burns