Take Corporate Learning To The Next Level With Artificial Intelligence

Take Corporate Learning To The Next Level With Artificial Intelligence
Summary: Artificial Intelligence is already driving significant business transformations in a variety of industries and its presence will only continue to grow. In 2021, over 90% of leading organizations have ongoing investments in artificial intelligence. And more than half of companies report a boost in productivity after implementing AI. Indeed, AI serves a diverse set of functions, including saving time by alleviating repetitive work, providing data, predicting information or suggesting recommendations.

AI In Corporate Learning: 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Takes L&D To The Next Level

AI in corporate learning makes training more efficient and effective. But when it comes to creating a long-term healthy learning culture, the benefits of a learning management system (LMS) with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities become even more valuable. Here are some ways AI can elevate learning by improving the learner experience, driving content engagement and simplifying administration tasks.

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Benefits Of AI In Corporate Learning

Efficient Administration

One of the many challenges that L&D professionals face is the strain of grappling with too many demands, especially when it comes to managing administrative work. According to Business Wire, workers lose one-third of their time to admin duties. AI in corporate learning can help alleviate this issue for L&D managers.

If AI is built into your LMS, there may be an opportunity to leverage it to help learning leaders and HR managers. You’ll save time and money by simplifying administration tasks. AI admin assistance gives your team more freedom to focus on the big picture and manage day-to-day tasks more efficiently. The most advanced LMS will use tools like natural language recognition to process complex requests and deliver the correct data, reports or pages to the searcher with just a click or two.

Drive Content Engagement

Delivering high-impact course content is of paramount importance for a thriving learning culture. A LinkedIn report shows that L&D professionals spend the bulk of their time––29%––building or sourcing learning programs and content. Several common problems plague corporate learning content consumption:

  • Content Fatigue. Learners feel overburdened by the amount of training material and slowly grow disengaged with L&D content.
  • Overwhelmed by Volume. Learners may feel lost in the quantity of content and unsure about what courses they should try.
  • Disconnection. Learners may feel as though the courses don’t apply to them and their interests.

Personalized, relevant course creation and intelligent content recommendations will help correct these issues. When learners engage with content they're searching for, they gain critical skills and return for more.

AI-powered LMS platforms can provide your learners with personalized content suggestions by assessing learner data to predict new content that will likely interest them as well as popular, trending or new course options.

Drive Business Outcomes With Clear Data

Your L&D strategy is only as good as your data. If you don’t have any insight into the learner experience, you won’t be able to make critical, data-driven strategic decisions.

AI in learning and development makes a big difference when it comes to forming your learning plans. Automated reporting powered by AI (like a Search Analytics Report) delivers curated data and reveals eye-opening details from your learner’s journey. You’ll get a look at where the opportunities for improvement exist, including content gaps, course tag and description accuracy and outdated or irrelevant content.

Within a robust offering of automated LMS reporting and analytics, you’ll also get access to granular learner progress data, curricula evaluations, certificate reports and more to help you make the most informed L&D decisions.

Improved Learner Experience

If your learners encounter frustrating obstacles within your learning management software, it may negatively impact their overall training experience in a big way. Luckily, AI helps create a more seamless LMS experience, particularly in functional and practical ways. With intelligent ranking features, learners can find the content they're searching for more easily. These deliver enhanced search results in the optimal order based on historical learner choices. The rankings continually adjust based on data collected from all learners' behaviors, so the LMS always anticipates your learners' needs.

Enhanced Microlearning

Microlearning is a style of learning conducted in small, short-term sessions designed to deliver maximum takeaways in the shortest amount of time. According to a Software Advice survey, microlearning can boost engagement by more than 50%. Plus, learners seem to prefer this digestible style of learning specifically. In the same study, 58% of learners said that they would be more likely to use an LMS if the learning sessions were shorter.

AI can help power your microlearning efforts with specific tools that empower learners to take a more active role in their training. For example, an LMS with the capability to use natural language processing to automatically transcribe and timestamp video lessons, so learners can search for specific keywords and be taken to the exact moment in a video where that search topic is mentioned. This type of automated transcription can contextualize long-form content into impactful microlearning experiences for your busy workforce.


While there isn’t always positive sentiment associated with AI, it’s important to note the role it can play in helping L&D teams improve the employee learning experience. Not only that, it can help make the lives of training managers easier!

If you want more tips on how to take your learning culture to the next level, download the eBook Lifelong L&D: How To Develop A Continuous Learning Culture To Support Modern Work Environments. It has strategic tips, evolving L&D trends and best practices to support your modern learners through a learning management system.



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