Free eBook: Tapping Into The Power Of Personalized Learning

Tapping Into The Power Of Personalized Learning

There’s a version of corporate Learning and Development we all know too well. A new employee is brought onboard with a new company. They’re eager to learn how to operate in their new role. They receive scripted training, and they’re expected to fulfil their new role according to the defined approach laid out in their mandated onboarding program.

eBook Release: eBook: Tapping Into The Power Of Personalized Learning
eBook Release
eBook: Tapping Into The Power Of Personalized Learning
This eBook by Docebo demonstrates how to use personalized learning in a strategic way.

This works, to an extent. The organization gets to clear all of the checkboxes it needs to clear in order to designate the new employee as “trained”. The employee has met all of the established criteria in their training. But how prepared is the new employee, actually, for the tasks at hand? How ready is the new employee to confront the realities of a brand new job, for a brand new employer, in a brand new context of learning and working? And how accommodated does this new employee feel in the new role they have taken on?

Have they been handed a stock manual, as it were, and told to figure out their function? Or have they been catered to, with all of their individual learning needs, goals, desires, and optimal learning paths taken into account?

In the eBook Tapping Into The Power Of Personalized Learning you will discover how the differences in the above example essentially describe the differences between standard learning paths and personalized learning paths. In one, stock materials and courses are handed to a new employee the day they walk through the door and commence onboarding. In the other, a tailored, custom learning path is provided to the new hire. One path places them among a herd of sheep, whereas the other makes them an Aristotle to a Plato, virtually: One student to one pedagogue.

About The eBook

What exactly is personalized learning? Let us have a look at the key chapters of the eBook Tapping Into The Power Of Personalized Learning:

  1. What is personalized learning?
    Personalized learning isn’t new; however, few companies are focusing on introducing personalized learning programs.
  2. The problem with personalized learning.
    The key problem with personalized learning is that many believe it can be delivered with technology alone. Learn why this is a misconception.
  3. How to integrate personalized learning into Learning and Development programs now.
    Learn how you can introduce personalized learning in your organization today.

To know more about how developments in learning technology are making it possible to tap into the power of personalized learning, download the eBook Tapping Into The Power Of Personalized Learning today.

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