What Are The New Training Technologies?

What Are The New Training Technologies?
Summary: We are in the midst of a technological revolution, and are seeing perhaps the fastest rate of technological growth and development in history. Thankfully, no industry is being left out, and training technologies are being caught up in this wave and are developing at a rapid pace. Training software tools exist today which simply did not exist 5 years ago.

The Hottest Training Technologies

To help Learning and Development professionals stay abreast of new training technology, we've given a summary of some of the hottest new training technologies below:

  1. Tin Cap API.
    SCORM is the current hosting platform standard for content in a LMS, but it has some limitations in that it does not easily allow you to link training data with job performance data, meaning you can't easily show a link between training and productivity. Tin Cap API is the new hosting platform for content in LMS- which promises to make huge wages- as this allows you to easily track and evaluate a much broader range of learning experiences in a much more end-to-end way. It will enable you to make that link between training and productivity gains from within the system.
  2. 3D Virtual World Training.
    Now, we know there's nothing new about virtual reality as its been around for a while. But, what is new is that we are really getting the hang of it, and are now incorporating exciting new technologies like 3D. This means that for the first time ever, virtual training experiences can be as good a training tool as the real world. The study reported in Neo Academic highlights a 3D Virtual World police training tool that delivered far more superior training and learning than traditional, face-to-face training. As 3D worlds become more convincing, expect virtual training to become an increasingly important and cost effective training device.
  3. AI Virtual Coaches.
    AI based virtual coaches are starting to appear and are showing themselves to be effective teachers. Northeastern University developed their own virtual coaching technology for a study where they were trying to get a group of learners to train and exercise more to lose weight. The coach helped the learners to set goals and provided personalized feedback on how well they were doing. As you might have guessed, those who had access to the virtual coach showed significant improvements versus those who didn't have access to the virtual coach. Watch out for the various AI virtual coaches that are hitting the market.
  4. Robot Patients.
    A recent ABC news piece has shown how a 'simulation man', a robot patient that responds in a similar way to a real person, is being used to help train medical staff at the VA. Learners can do lots of medical procedures on the simulation man, such as resuscitation and intubation, and the robot patient responds like a human making this robot an excellent learning tool. This could have application in first aid training and many other training scenarios.

Have you heard about these new and exciting training technologies before? Do you think these training tools will make a significant impact on overall corporate training or do you believe traditional training methods will still reign supreme? Let us know what you think and if you have any other cool new training technologies you'd like to share that are coming out in the near future.