eBook Release: The Power Of Learning Analytics

eBook Release: The Power Of Learning Analytics
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Summary: Getting to understand in depth the needs of your learners can bring extremely positive results to your online training development and enhance the learning experience. Discover all about the world of learning analytics in this article.

Measuring L&D Outcomes For Business Performance

In current times, there is no doubt that learning analytics is extremely important and powerful for measuring the performance of your business. It comes with great responsibility, for sure. Using learning analytics in the organization ensures that the performance goals are being achieved in the most efficient and positive way possible. Measuring the L&D outcomes by using learning analytics becomes the go-to way for a thriving business model. It is, however, a task with challenges that needs careful management.

The Power Of Learning Analytics
Learn how to create and optimize learning experiences by analyzing learners' patterns and behaviors.

About The eBook: The Power Of Learning Analytics

How is it possible then to facilitate L&D managers in creating the best online courses for employee development? How can you ensure you provide them with all the useful information they need? Top-quality L&D programs are mandatory, we all know that. And here is where learning analytics comes into play.

Learning analytics measures and analyzes data that is essential to develop insights that enhance eLearning experiences. At first, all this data was simple and mostly focused on completion rates and participation. Now, all this information is still utterly important but it can provide an even deeper analysis of different patterns and behaviors. L&D professionals pay attention to this data as their goal is to create a highly impactful journey for the employee training participants. This eBook, The Power Of Learning Analytics: Measuring L&D Outcomes For Business Performance has been put together to present how powerful data derived from learning analytics is and how L&D professionals and businesses can benefit from its implementation.

Making The Most Out Of Learning Analytics

So why should you opt for learning analytics? The answer is simple. One of the benefits of its use is that you can improve employee online training. This can be achieved by L&D professionals when they have all they need to pinpoint everything that’s working like a clock or what isn’t. For instance, some of your employees might find it hard to grasp a specific topic. By obtaining the relevant data, L&D experts will be aware that this part of online training needs mending. Thus, online training becomes more effective and fast.

Have you ever thought about customizing the eLearning content? Learning analytics can definitely help achieve that in no time, and effortlessly. As creating relevant and appealing content to a varied audience can be a tough nut to crack for L&D experts, it is important to acknowledge the assistance of learning analytics for this purpose. The employee training participants come from different learning backgrounds and have countless preferences. As you get to analyze their patterns, you get one step closer to developing and delivering content that fits most—if not all—needs.

This eBook, The Power Of Learning Analytics: Measuring L&D Outcomes For Business Performance is imperative to be examined by all L&D professionals as it delves into:

  • The Current State Of Learning Analytics And Big Data Across All Levels Of L&D
  • Learning Analytics And Training Effectiveness As A User-Centric Approach
  • 5 Learning Analytics Truths That L&D Managers Take Lightly In Training Evaluation
  • Getting Personalized Learning Right With Learning Analytics
  • Performance Metrics To Focus On For HR Managers
  • Measuring Training Effectiveness, A Learning Analytics Guide For CFOs
  • Measuring Employee Training ROI Cannot Be Effective Without Learning Analytics
  • 3 Smart Learning Analytics Tools Your Next LMS Should Have To Improve
  • 5 Accurate Training Metrics To Always Include In Your Learning Analytics Report

According to this eBook, carefully put together by the experts of InfoPro Learning, getting the information and data to measure the effectiveness of online training can be tricky. This is why it is important to carefully examine all the tips and tricks shared in this very resourceful guide. Make your life easier by discovering how to make online training evaluation a piece of cake and retrieve data about employee training participants to better understand your learning programs.


It is fundamental to put your heart into designing effective online training. It is also essential to provide L&D experts with the best resources to create a seamless and smooth learning experience for the employee training participants. You should not, hence, neglect the fact that the answer lays in the effective measurement and data analysis. A consistent focus on learning analytics is a key component to evaluate online training effectiveness and to make sure you are investing in all the right places.

Don't hesitate to download the eBook The Power Of Learning Analytics: Measuring L&D Outcomes For Business Performance and dive into the amazing world of learning analytics. Knowledge is never enough, so I urge you to join this webinar that comes to complement the fundamentals and principles explained thoroughly in the eBook, and explores ways on how you can accelerate remote workforce engagement.