The Power Of Learning Analytics: Measuring L&D Outcomes For Business Performance

by Infopro Learning

Learning Analytics is much more than tracking course completion rates. It's a tool that L&D professionals can use to create and optimize learning experiences by analyzing learners' patterns and behaviors.

Key Chapters

  1. The Current State Of Learning Analytics And Big Data

    Today learning analytics is about much more than tracking course completion rates. It’s a tool that L&D professionals can use to create and optimize learning experiences that create an impact.

  2. Learning Analytics And Training Effectiveness

    Learning analytics can help your organization measure and improve your eLearning programs. It can also provide the key learner insights that are necessary for creating personalized learning paths.

  3. 5 Learning Analytics Truths For Training Evaluation

    In this chapter, we will share with you the 5 points that will assist you in both understanding and using learning analytics.

  4. Getting Personalized Learning Right With Learning Analytics

    Learn the most common mistakes l&d professionals make when it comes to personalized learning and how you can use learning analytics data to fix them.

  5. Performance Metrics To Focus On For HR Managers

    Discover the 6 employee training performance metrics that HR managers should focus on to improve engagement and productivity.

  6. Measuring Training Effectiveness: A Learning Analytics Guide For CFOs

    Measuring the effectiveness of your training program is an essential step in the training process. Find out how you can achieve that.

  7. Measuring Employee Training ROI

    Through proper training evaluation, your organization can ensure that their employee development programs provide quality learning experiences that drive impact and increase profits.

  8. 3 Smart Analytics Tools Your LMS Should Have

    If you are looking for an LMS that will help you optimize your employee training programs you may want to look at the different learning analytics features they provide.

  9. 5 Training Metrics To Include In Your Learning Analytics Report

    Utilizing learning analytics for effective training evaluation is one of the best ways your organization can determine the true ROI of its training and development programs.

Professional development opportunity is one of the top factors employees consider when they look for a new job. Today’s job seekers want to work for organizations that invest in their future and skill development. Training and learning are more important than ever in this business climate.

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