The Top 6 Animated Video Software In The eLearning Market (2017 Update)

The Top 6 Animated Video Software In The eLearning Market (2017 Update)
Summary: Instructional Designers and online facilitators have long realized the true value of animated videos as one of the main techniques that should be used to increase the audience’s engagement and retention during an eLearning course. Would you be interested in a list of the top animated video software in the eLearning market?

Best Animated Video Software In The eLearning Market

Up until a few years ago many people would argue that animated video software is very limited to specific age groups. However, with the rapid development of multimedia and technology animation has transformed into an art for all ages on its own. Animation has also been repeatedly used for educational purposes for all age groups, including adults. Results have proved to be quite rewarding in terms of engagement and knowledge retention as well as the ability to give context to ideas and concepts. Without further ado, here are the top 6 animated video software that will help you develop immersive eLearning courses.

1. GoAnimate

“Make your first video in less than 5 minutes”. Obviously, ease of use is the biggest advantage of this animated video software. As listed on the site, the eLearning industry is definitely a field where such a tool could find good use.

  • Lip-Syncing And Voice-Over Narration
    The only thing the user has to do is provide the words. The platform syncs the words with the character’s voice automatically. If you add a voice track to the background then the platform automatically assigns it as voice-over narration.
  • Industry And Occupation-Specific Templates
    GoAnimate comes packed with animation templates for an array of different industries and occupations. Great feature for creating animation videos that learners of each industry can relate with.
  • Character Customization
    Character customization features in GoAnimate are quite extensive, with the user being able to choose all aspects of a person’s appearance.

Plans And Pricing

  • 3 Premium Options Available
    The basic “Go Publish” package runs at $39 per month or $299 per year and includes great features such as 720p videos and unlimited video production. The “Go Premium” package runs at $79 per month or $599 per year with 70 premium music tracks and a live chat feature. The “Go Team” package asks for a monthly $159 or $999 per year and offers 1080p videos 100+ premium music tracks and the ability to import fonts.

2. CrazyTalk

This is one of the most entertaining animated video software mainly focusing on facial animation for both Windows and Mac. Lots of great features including a 3D head creation tool.

  • 3D Character Pipeline
    Easy creation of 3D avatars as well as full body animations.
  • Talking Avatars
    Import your photo and CrazyTalk will give voice to it. 2D or 3D avatars made from your personal pictures with 3D face fitting technology.
  • Appearance Customization
    CrazyTalk allows users to fully modify physical features, clothing and hairstyle.
  • Auto Motion And Auto Lip-Sync
    The platform adjusts the avatar’s head movements and facial expressions to suit the voice tone of the audio file the user provided. Mouth and lip movements are also synchronized with the voice.

Plans And Pricing

  • 3 Premium Options Available
    The Standard edition can be purchased at $39. The Pro package costs $99 and the Pipeline package costs $149. User’s choice depends on what type of features are needed.

3. iClone

If you want quality animated video software that’s been used by highly acclaimed organizations and companies such as the FBI, Ford and Microsoft then you’ve found your solution.

  • 3D Characters
    Lip-synced and fully customizable 3D characters with facial animation as well as soft cloth physics simulation and motion key editing.
  • Environment Creation
    Whether we are talking about interior designs or landscapes iClone comes packed with ready-made templates for quick design.
  • Advanced Lighting And Shadowing Effects
    HDR, IBL and AO features along with many other tools help you create life-like atmospheres for all your animated video needs.
  • Open Architecture
    iClone 7 APIs, Motion Curve Graph Editor, Python Scripting and a Custom Shader constitute some unique features of iClone.

Plans And Pricing

  • 6 Premium Options Available
    Standard premium package starts from $199 with 6 additional plans available offering different features.

4. Toon Boom Harmony

This animated video software focuses on providing the tools for compelling storytelling in eLearning. Well-known companies like Universal, Fox and Dreamworks can verify that as dedicated clients.

  • 2D And 3D Designs
    Harmony gives you the chance to craft unique hybrid animations that include both 2D and 3D designs.
  • Various Sketching And Drawing Functions
    Not only does Harmony come with animation templates, but it also gives the user the chance to enhance creations by use of traditional painting tools.
  • Production And Implementation Support
    As a company with well-known clients, Toon Boom offers expert guidance through all stages of product training, transitioning from another video animation software or even certification preparation for proper use of Harmony.

Plans And Pricing

  • 3 Premium Options Available
    Essentials package costs $16 per month or $192 per year and includes a user interface in 4 languages including Chinese and Japanese. Advanced package runs for $41 per month or a yearly subscription of $492 with animation accelerator features such as morphing and advanced onion-skinning. The top package is called Premium and will cost you $78 per month or $936 per year. It includes an artist-friendly toolset with unique curve deformers as well as 3D camera rotation. If you opt for annual billing you will get a 33% discount.
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5. After Effects

After Effects is the most sophisticated and dependable solution when it comes to animated video software. Adobe’s After Effects boasts unique features like the Character Animator that make it stand out from all competition.

  • Creative Cloud Libraries
    The king of video animation software provides tons of customization options and the ability to access them from any device. Creative Cloud Libraries allow you to save looks, colors, images or even metadata.
  • Adobe Stock
    60 million images, graphics and videos at your disposal guarantee you less time searching and more time creating.
  • Character Animator CC
    The animation-made-easy tool. Characters come to life by means of simple mouse clicks. Users can also record their voice and the Character Animator generates human mouth movements and lip-syncing.
  • Free Trial
    Need to see for yourself what all the fuss is about? After Effects offers a free trial.

Plans And Pricing

  • 1 Premium Option Available
    After Effects will cost you $19.99 per month for an annual plan that’s paid monthly, or $239.88 per year for a prepaid annual plan. If you choose to go for a monthly plan then the cost goes up to $29.99 per month.

6. PowToon

When you see companies such as Coca Cola, Pfizer, eBay and Starbucks on this video animated software’s client list you know that something good is up. PowToon has applications in industries such as Marketing, IT, HR and Training in general.

  • Characters
    Powtoon boasts good variety in contexts and situations mostly revolving around work life. It also includes sketching outlines apart from colored animations.
  • Locations
    Whether you need to create animated videos regarding work, medical, transport, technology or educational settings PowToon has you covered.

Plans And Pricing

  • 3 Premium Options Available
    PowToon offers a free version with lots of functional features such as Royalty Free Music and PDF Export. The Pro plan starts at $19 per month and comes with increased storage and HD quality. For more advanced needs you can opt for the Team plan or the Business plan.
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Animated video software provides tools that all eLearning professionals take advantage of for the creation of engaging and interactive online training programs. Animated characters with real-life movements and speech is the definite recipe for success in all eLearning courses.

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