8 Tips To Find The Right eLearning Content Provider

8 Tips To Find The Right eLearning Content Provider
Summary: Are you ready to outsource your copywriting course? Are you looking for the ideal graphic designer for your eLearning activities? In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to find the perfect eLearning content provider for outsourcing your next eLearning course.

How To Find The Right eLearning Content Provider For Your eLearning Course

Creating eLearning content is no small feat. It takes a high degree of skills and experience to craft eye-catching visuals and thought-provoking eLearning content. Thus, many organizations opt to outsource the task to a trained eLearning professional. But how do you know which eLearning content provider is right for your eLearning course? Here are 8 top tips to choose the right eLearning content provider for your next eLearning course.

1. Identify The Desired Outcomes Beforehand

You’re enlisting the help of an experienced eLearning content provider to achieve a specific goal. Otherwise, you’d probably tackle the task in house to save resources. But what exactly is the desired outcome? What does the eLearning content provider need to achieve in order to warrant the investment? You must identify the learning objectives before you start looking for the ideal eLearning content provider, as this allows you to determine which candidate is right for the job based on their experience and talents.

2. Create A Realistic eLearning Budget

How much are you willing to spend on an eLearning content provider? Are there any other cost factors you need to consider? For example, additional tools or resources that the eLearning content provider will need to get the job done. Creating a realistic eLearning budget allows you to choose the best eLearning content provider for your organization. It can also help you determine how much eLearning content you can afford to outsource. For example, you may not have the necessary resources to hire an eLearning content provider for the entire eLearning course design. As such, you’ll need to wrap up some of the work in house.

3. Know Your eLearning Niche

Most eLearning content providers are specialists in their field. Therefore, you’ll need to identify your eLearning niche in order to find the best person for the task. This also gives you the opportunity to create more clear and concise learning objectives for your chosen eLearning content provider. For example, you may want to research the subject matter to get a general idea of the key takeaways. Equipped with this information, you can look for an eLearning content provider who offers specific services. For instance, a copywriter who has experience in health and safety compliance or a graphic designer who has a proven track record with serious games and simulations.

4. Peruse eLearning Portfolios/Websites

Now that you have a clearer idea of your budget and eLearning course design needs, you can begin your search for the perfect eLearning content provider. A great place to start is eLearning portfolios that feature the eLearning content provider's unique skills, experience, and expertise. Pay close attention the overall look and feel of the eLearning portfolio, as this gives you a good indication of their abilities. For example, their professional site is cluttered with images and lacks pertinent information. This is a tell-tale sign that their deliverables will have more of the same.

5. Evaluate Your Assets

Request that your top candidates provide you with a list of tools or resources they’ll need to complete the task. Then evaluate your current online resources to determine what you already have and what you’ll need to acquire. This also gives you the opportunity to find assets that can be repurposed for this eLearning project, such as webinars that the eLearning content provider can integrate into the online training tutorial or presentation.

6. Ask For Detailed Estimates

The eLearning content provider should be able to give you an itemized estimate of what the package entails and payment milestones. For example, their fee covers all the software they’ll require, as well as the time it will take to complete the deliverable. You must pay extra for monthly maintenance or revisions. Furthermore, they require a non-refundable deposit, and then a payment after the completion of each stage. This is the time to look for any hidden fees that can put you over budget. For instance, support services that the eLearning content provider offers after the fact, or software fees for products that you already own.

7. Rely On Reviews And Referrals

Other eLearning professionals in your network may already have their go-to eLearning content providers. As such, they are able to give you honest opinions regarding their work ethic and the quality of their finished product. You can also look online for reviews and ratings. For example, the eLearning Industry directory allows you to search for eLearning content providers in your eLearning niche. It also features a rating/review system, whereby you can learn about other clients’ experiences with the eLearning content provider.

8. Contact The Top Candidates

You may already have a list of candidates, but are you finding it difficult to make the final decision? One of the best ways to narrow down the top contenders is to arrange a meeting or send them a handful of questions to find the best match. Note how long they take to respond and whether their answers are up-front and honest or not. In the case of a video conferencing meeting, pay close attention to their verbal and non-verbal cues. For example, slouching during the meeting may indicate they lack the necessary confidence or are simply bored with their job. You can also ask for references if you’re still unsure about the decision.

Choosing the ideal eLearning content provider now can lead to a successful professional partnership in the future. Once you find the right person for the task, you can rely on them time and again to deliver high-quality eLearning content. Thus, it’s important to clarify your expectations early on and establish clear communication guidelines. You might also consider an introductory meeting wherein you discuss your goals and share your concerns. This gives the eLearning content provider a chance to clear up any confusion and gain a better understanding of the desired outcomes.

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