7 Tips For A Polished eLearning Press Release

7 Tips For A Polished eLearning Press Release
Summary: eLearning press releases aren’t usually considered “light reading”. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring or bland. In fact, you can create a polished eLearning press release that members of the media won’t be able to put down and these 7 tips will show you how.

How To Create A Polished eLearning Press Release

You only get one chance to make a lasting impression, especially when it comes to publishing an eLearning press release. You have to grab the reader’s attention from the first line, and then keep them intrigued all throughout. The only way to do this is by writing a polished eLearning press release that makes an impact. Here are 7 top tips for writing a polished eLearning press release, even if you don’t have any prior experience.

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1. Leave Out the Sales Gimmicks

The thing about eLearning press releases is that you have a limited amount of "real estate". You have to make your mark in a single page or two pages max. As such, you need to stick to the facts and leave out the gimmicks. Bear in mind that readers are viewing your eLearning press release because they want information. They are looking for details about your eLearning event, product, or service so that they can make an informed decision. What they AREN'T looking for is spam content or a page-long sales pitch. Thus, even if you are promoting eLearning goods or services, you need to find a newsworthy angle.

2. Write Several Versions Of Your Headline

Crafting the perfect headline is one of the most difficult aspects of writing an eLearning press release. As a general rule, it should be 15 words or under. Therefore, it has to pack a punch and leave readers wanting more. This can be a balancing act, considering that you must give them just enough information to keep reading. The solution is creating several versions of your headline and then reading them aloud. Which one grabs your attention and sparks your curiosity? Put yourself in the readers' shoes and ask yourself: what do I get out of it? What value does it offer me? Is it really worth my time? The answers to these questions can help you pick the perfect headline for your eLearning press release.

3. Check Your Facts And Stats

There is nothing worse than publishing an eLearning press release, only to discover that your facts aren't, well, factual. Your data points serve as the backbone of your eLearning press release. If they are inaccurate, then the credibility of your eLearning press release is at stake. This is why it's crucial to fact check your eLearning press release before publication. If you included quotes, verify them and get written permission to use them. If you added statistics, ensure that they are supported by solid evidence, such as reports and studies.

4. Proofread Along The Way

You should ALWAYS proofread your eLearning press release before publication. However, you can make the process much easier, and more productive, by proofreading at various stages. Break the eLearning press release into sections, and take your time reviewing the content. Look for formatting issues, grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and anything else that compromises the quality. As a matter of fact, you should ask one or two colleagues to proofread it, as well. They may be able to offer suggestions on how to improve the eLearning press release or incorporate facts that strengthen your story.

5. Focus On Your Objectives

Chances are, there is one key motivation behind writing your eLearning press release. It may be that you want to build your online presence or promote your eLearning website launch. Or you might have a big eLearning event coming up and you need to boost attendance. Whatever the case, this is your objective. And it's the most important part of your eLearning press release, even though it's never directly stated in your content. The objective is the underlying reason for writing your eLearning press release. As such, you need to keep your eyes on the prize from the first line. Focus on your objectives and ensure that every sentence helps you achieve the desired outcome.

6. Brief Is Best

I touched on this briefly before, but it's worth covering in detail. Everything about your eLearning press release should be clear and concise, from the sentence structure to the overall length. Ideally, the eLearning press release should be 500 to 800 words in length and fit onto a single page. The point of an eLearning press release is to generate interest. You want every reader to click through to your site or sales page to learn more about the topic. Keeping it short and sweet isn't an easy task, especially if there's a lot of eLearning ground to cover. However, you can include extra details and facts on your site.

7. Update Your Contact Info Regularly

The contact info is, arguably, the most important part of your eLearning press release. Thus, it should be updated on a regular basis to ensure that every detail is accurate. This is particularly true when using an eLearning press release template. Most eLearning press releases feature two contact sections. The one at the top is for the general public, while the one at the bottom is intended for media sources. This gives them the opportunity to reach out for more details if they choose to cover your story. Both sections should include the contact's name, email address, phone number, and website URL. Furthermore, the contact you specify must be available at the time of release. So, if your PR manager is going away on vacation that week, appoint a new contact and update your eLearning press release.

Members of the media receive countless eLearning press releases each day. Likewise, readers are exposed to an abundance of news stories and social media posts, which is why you need to make yours a cut above the rest. Use these 7 tips to polish your eLearning press release and make it an easy and informative read.

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