7 Tips For Writing An Attention-Grabbing Online Training News Release

7 Tips For Writing An Attention-Grabbing Online Training News Release
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Summary: Hundreds of thousands press releases are published each year, which means that it's relatively easy for your online training news release to get lost in the crowd. Luckily, there are ways to stand out and attract your target audience. In this article, I'll share 7 tips for writing an attention-grabbing online training news release.

How To Write An Attention-Grabbing Online Training News Release

Readers only have a limited amount of time to keep up with the latest news. Busy schedules make it next to impossible for them to leisurely peruse the paper or other digital forms of media. This same principle also applies to journalists, bloggers, and anyone else who will pick up your story. This is why you must grab their attention right from the beginning and make them want to read more. In short, your online training news release has to offer a hook and offer them information that they won't find elsewhere.

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1. Keep It Brief And Succinct

Very few people will have the time to read through a lengthy online training news release that goes off into a number of different tangents. In fact, most readers only spend about 5 seconds perusing an online training news release. If it doesn't grab their attention in that time window, then they simply pass. Your online training news release should be no longer than 500 words, or a single printed page. Ideally, it should consist of between 3 and 5 paragraphs. It's a good idea to map out your entire online training news release before you start typing. Create an outline of the key ideas you need to touch on, as well as what each paragraph is going to entail.

2. Create A Catchy, But Clear, Headline

Your headline should be under 70 characters long and summarize the main idea of your online training news release. To attract as much attention as possible, be sure to make it catchy, but direct. For example, clichés may be catchy. However, they don't clearly convey what your online training news release is all about. If you need to elaborate on your headline, include a subhead just below it in italics to clarify.

3. Avoid Sales Gimmicks And Personal Opinions

An online training news release is not the place to seal the deal or share your personal opinions. People are reading the online training news release because they want more information about your eLearning event, service, product, or news story. If all they find is a variety of sales pitches and marketing gimmicks, they aren't likely to click on any of your hyperlinks or try to contact you. Above all else, try to keep your online training news release as unbiased as possible. This may be one of the most difficult challenges you face when writing an online training news release, especially if you have a close connection to the story. However, objectivity is key if you want to build credibility and hold their attention.

4. Put A New Spin On Your Story

No matter what eLearning product you are launching or the eLearning event that you are hosting, there is always a way to put a newsworthy angle on your story. You just have to find what that angle is. For example, if you are announcing a new eLearning service you can tie it to a current news event or somehow relate it to a recent research study that may be of interest. The secret is to make it relevant for your readers and encourage them to keep reading. Conduct some research to figure out how you can link your online training news release topic to facts that are compelling, intriguing, and maybe even surprising.

5. Include Relevant Quotes And Stats

There are two primary reasons why you should include quotes and statistics in your online training news release. The first is that it supports your story. All of the essential information you include in your first paragraph should be backed up by hard, verifiable facts and numbers. Secondly, it prompts people to continue reading your online training news release because they know it's reliable. Rather than just telling them that they should believe something, you are giving them proof that your statements and assumptions are true.

6. Avoid Passive Voice

Try to use active voice when you are writing your online training news release. Active voice is defined as a sentence that begins with an action verb. For example, "the learner participated in the branching scenario", because the subject, or the learner in this case, is carrying out the action indicated by the verb. Active voice makes your readers feel as though they are in the middle of the action and fully immersed in the story, instead of just passive observers. It also engages readers on a profound level and makes your online training news release seem much more relevant.

7. Perfect Your Boilerplate

The boilerplate is the final section of the online training news release that is followed by your contact information. It typically includes a brief bio of yourself or your organization, your mission statement and your accomplishments. In essence, it tells the reader why you are qualified to speak on the subject, and how you have established yourself as a reliable expert in the field. Rather than just listing all of your achievements, try to make it attention-grabbing by mentioning your interests, passions, and interesting tidbits about your life that relate to the story. This is your chance to add a human element to the online training news release so that readers feel compelled to learn more about you and your company. Also, don't forget to include a link to any social media pages or websites that they might find helpful.

The secret to creating an online training news release that sticks in their minds is making it relevant, engaging, and memorable. Even the most informative online training news release needs a catchy headline and unique angle to grab their attention. Use these 7 tips to draw them in and raise their awareness of your eLearning brand, event, or newsworthy story.

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