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August 14, 2016

eLearning Press Release Basics: 7 Points To Include

eLearning press releases aren't just for breaking world events or big business news. In fact, eLearning professionals can use eLearning press releases to promote eLearning products, services, and industry trends. This article explores the basics of eLearning press releases and their 7 essential components.
by Christopher Pappas
July 31, 2016

25 Reasons To Write An eLearning News Release

Creating a polished eLearning news release may require a significant amount of time and research, but it can offer you the opportunity to raise brand awareness and shed the spotlight on your eLearning product, service, or event. In this article, I'll share 25 convincing reasons why you should write an eLearning news release.
by Christopher Pappas