25 Reasons To Write An eLearning News Release

25 Reasons To Write An eLearning News Release
Summary: Creating a polished eLearning news release may require a significant amount of time and research, but it can offer you the opportunity to raise brand awareness and shed the spotlight on your eLearning product, service, or event. In this article, I'll share 25 convincing reasons why you should write an eLearning news release.

Why You Should Write An eLearning News Release

While eLearning news releases are often associated with "breaking news" stories, there are actually a wide range of uses that most people haven't even considered. In fact, an eLearning news release can be a powerful tool in your marketing strategy, especially when you are trying to promote your brand or generate a buzz for your new eLearning product or service. Here are the top 25 reasons to write an eLearning news release and submit it to eLearning Industry.

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Reason #01

Introduce a brand new product that will benefit eLearning professionals in some capacity. This may be a new piece of eLearning software that they can use for rapid eLearning course authoring, or a free eLearning book that contains helpful tips and tricks for launching a new eLearning program.

Reason #02

Announce that your organization is now offering a new eLearning service or service add-on. eLearning freelancers can also create an eLearning news release to debut their eLearning services and give potential clients a brief glimpse of their talents and expertise.

Reason #03

Spread the word about a new eLearning business venture, such as a firm opening. Be sure to include all of the pertinent details, such as the key individuals who are involved and what the new eLearning company will bring to the eLearning industry. You can also mention any special grand opening promotions that the public can take advantage of.

Reason #04

Promote an upcoming eLearning event, like an eLearning seminar, trade show, or conference. Online networking meetings can also benefit from a well written eLearning news release. Try to publish the eLearning news release about a week or two before the eLearning event, which gives readers plenty of time to make room in their schedules.

Reason #05

Share the findings of a recent eLearning research, study or report. You can also highlight how the findings relate to current eLearning trends, or offer your own analysis of the data. Just make sure that you keep personal opinions to a minimum.

Reason #06

If you don’t have a new eLearning product to announce, you can use an eLearning news release to shed light on creative applications for your eLearning product. For example, you can highlight a few innovative ways that eLearning professionals can use your video editing software.

Reason #07

Announce that you are changing the name of your top eLearning products or organization. These eLearning news releases can also explain the reasoning behind the change, such as why it was necessary.

Reason #08

Increase traffic to your newly launched eLearning website or eLearning blog. Be sure to include several links throughout the eLearning news release that redirect to the URL.

Reason #09

Inform the public that you are restricting your eLearning organization or that you’ve taken on new stakeholders.

Reason #10

Highlighting the notable accomplishments of one of your top eLearning team members. For example, writing an eLearning news release to announce that a member of upper management has just joined the board of a local charity.

Reason #11

Share the key takeaways from a recent eLearning seminar or lecture that you hosted. You can also mention any survey data that you collected from the attendees.

Reason #12

Raise awareness of an eLearning community event that you are hosting or sponsoring. A polished eLearning news release can clarify why you are holding the event and who is involved.

Reason #13

Let your clients or customers know that you are forming an alliance with another eLearning firm, or that you’ve merged with another eLearning development team.

Reason #14

Announce that you are partnering with a charitable organization. Mention if any product proceeds will be going toward the cause, and how readers can support the charity even further if they wish.

Reason #15

Offer your insight or expertise on a current eLearning trend or controversy that everyone is talking about. Just make certain that it’s a niche you’re comfortable discussing and that you can support your assumptions with facts and stats.

Reason #16

Ask customers or clients to join a new eLearning advisory committee or focus group that you are conducting. This will also help you to get invaluable feedback regarding your eLearning product or service.

Reason #17

Introduce an innovative Instructional Design Theory or approach. Make sure that you back it up with supporting evidence, such as research, statistics, or quotes from noted eLearning professionals.

Reason #18

Create an eLearning white paper, presentation, or webinar and announce it with an eLearning news release. Include links to the site that readers can click in order to access the eLearning content. Also, mention the highlights and benefits they can expect.

Reason #19

Letting your clients, customers, and stakeholders know that your organization has reached a milestone or long-term goal. Just be sure that it's relevant and has a newsworthy angle.

Reason #20

Informing the public that you've changed your pricing structure or that you have a new policy in place. Provide all of the pertinent details, including how your new eLearning strategy differs from the old.

Reason #21

Ask satisfied clients or customers to write a testimonial about your eLearning product or service, then compile them into an eLearning news release. Include all relevant quotes and statistics.

Reason #22

Share that you or a member of your organization is going to make an appearance on a radio, TV, or web-based show. You can also announce a series of guest blog spots or guest host appearances.

Reason #23

Spread the word that you've signed a major client or deal. Verify that this does not violate any confidentiality agreements before you write the eLearning news release, however.

Reason #24

Announce that you are now offering free advice eLearning articles on your blog or website. Give them a clear idea of what your eLearning content will cover and how they can benefit.

Reason #25

Highlight a new monthly newsletter that clients or customers can sign up for. Be sure to include the link to the opt-in page, as well as details about what the newsletter will contain.

These are just a handful of the reasons why you should consider writing an eLearning news release. Be sure to download our Free eBook "The Definitive Guide to eLearning News Press Releases" and start optimizing your news releases. Just keep in mind that a successful eLearning news release always centers on a newsworthy eLearning story and a well-crafted headline. So, take your time to get it just right so that you make the greatest impact.

Now, are you ready for your eLearning news release to be seen by over 500,000 eLearning Professionals? Submit your eLearning news release today to increase your credibility and build your brand.

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