9 Tips To Promote eLearning Press Releases Using Social Media

9 Tips To Promote eLearning Press Releases Using Social Media
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Summary: Your target audience is already posting, tweeting, and instagramming daily. So, why not reach them on their home turf by promoting your eLearning press release on social media. In this article, I’ll share 9 tips for promoting eLearning press releases through social networks.

How To Promote eLearning Press Releases Using Social Media

Social media is now part of our everyday lives. Most of us couldn’t bear the thought of unplugging from the network and missing out on the latest online chatter. However, social media isn’t just for sharing office gossip and viral videos. It also serves as a valuable marketing tool for your eLearning press release. Here are 9 tips to help you promote eLearning Press Releases by using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and other networking platforms.

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1. Build The Hashtag Buzz

There are two approaches for this social media technique. Firstly, you can create your own hashtag to promote your eLearning press release. Include the name of your organization or a creative catchphrase to draw readers in. Secondly, research existing hashtags that you can add to your tweet. For example, #pressrelease or #eLearning. Your tweet automatically shows up in that hashtag feed, which expands your network reach. Both strategies help you generate interest for your eLearning press release and capitalize on trending topics.

2. Include Shareable Links

Readers like sharing eLearning press releases that are interesting or informative. However, they don't want to go to a lot of trouble to post in their social media feeds. This is why including shareable links is essential. Incorporate buttons that allow them to post the eLearning press release to their Facebook page, retweet it, or share it with their LinkedIn group. Their network becomes your captive audience, which means more exposure for your eLearning press release.

3. Give Your Followers A Sneak Peek

Your loyal social media followers will appreciate a sneak preview of your eLearning press release. It gives them a sense of exclusivity, which creates a connection to your brand. Post the headline teaser on your page or an interesting fact or quote taken from your eLearning press release. If they want to read more, they’ll have to click the link and read your eLearning press release. Chances are that curiosity will get the better of them and your site stats will soar.

4. Add Visual Appeal

Images grab your readers' attention and make the eLearning press release more memorable. You can add links to images and infographics in your Facebook and Twitter posts. However, Instagram is fueled by visuals. Find a compelling image that ties into your eLearning press release and post it on your Instagram wall. You can also add text to a unique background image to create your own visual content. This allows you to highlight interesting facts or quotes from your eLearning press release.

5. Create A Social Media Ad Campaign

Many social media platforms feature pay-per-click ads. You purchase targeted ad space through the site. Your content automatically shows up in the sidebar or newsfeed, depending on keyword searches or target demographics. For example, you can specify that you only want your ads to appear in a particular region. You don't pay a penny until someone clicks on the ad.

6. Post A Press Release Poll

Most eLearning press releases are static, meaning that visitors read them and then go about their day. There is no interaction involved. As a result, they tend to forget the key stats and facts that are your main selling points. However, a social media poll turns your eLearning press release into an engaging and dynamic eLearning marketing tool. Facebook polls are of the most popular options. Encourage your followers to read the eLearning press release and then participate in a brief poll. They respect the fact that their opinions matter, and you gather valuable feedback. Plus, your eLearning press release stands out from the crowd.

7. Instagram Your Promo Video

In lieu of images, post video snippets on your Instagram page. This is an ideal option if you already have a promo video. If not, you can always produce one using a video creation tool or use stock footage sites. For example, look for royalty free videos that pertain to your story. Narrate a quote from your eLearning press release and add it to the footage. Or you can incorporate text captions to highlight an important fact. Don't forget to include a link to your eLearning press release in the description and Twitter hashtags.

8. Go On A Blog Tour

Many people overlook blogs when they're creating an eLearning marketing campaign. However, they are one of the most versatile social media platforms available. Post information about your eLearning press release on your own blog, and contact other bloggers to inquire about guest posting. As a matter of fact, you can even turn it into a virtual blog tour that involves a new guest post every week on a different site. To get the most exposure, choose sites in your niche that aren't your competition. Incorporate links to your eLearning press release, social media profiles, and websites to enhance your online presence.

9. Participate In Online Forums

This tips is a bit more time consuming, but you have the opportunity to build your online network. Join relevant forums and post or comment on a daily basis. Offer tips and tricks to help other members of the group and build credibility. In addition to online forums, you may also join social media groups to engage in online discussions. Include links to your eLearning press release in your profile and digital signature to raise awareness. Active participation allows you to expand your contact list and get advice from other eLearning professionals. They might even share their tried and tested eLearning marketing techniques with you.

Use these 9 tips to spread the word via social media and improve your online visibility. Most of them are free or budget-friendly. Which means that you can stretch your marketing dollar AND expand your audience reach.

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