7 Tips To Turn LMS Clients Into Loyal Brand Advocates

Turning LMS Clients Into Loyal Brand Advocates

The most critical aspect of your business is customer relations. When someone has an amazing experience with your LMS brand, they are more likely to become repeat customers. And these repeat customers steadily spread the word about your LMS product to their extended network. This is how the magic of word-of-mouth marketing begins. But how do you encourage loyal LMS clients to advocate on your behalf without being too intrusive? Here are 7 tips to turn LMS clients into your virtual spokespeople, and achieve customer loyalty.

1. Have Adequate Product Knowledge Online Training

A great way to improve your customers’ experience with your LMS is to ensure that they know about your services and products. Firstly, you need to figure out how your LMS product addresses a pain point or a gap that currently exists in the LMS market. Create infographic presentations about your new product line. You may also use fun games to explain how your LMS is unique and how it can be used to help your clients achieve their goals. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you are giving them all the information they need to make a better-informed decision. Educating customers is a great way to ensure that you can convert casual users into loyal brand advocates.

2. Understand The Difference Between Customer Service Vs. Customer Experience

The first part of a customer’s interaction with your LMS product is often through a sales or customer service representative. However, as a company, you need to understand the difference between customer experience and customer service. For instance, if your customer interacts with a friendly employee who makes a process easy and straightforward for them to understand, this is a superior customer experience. However, if their products arrive on time and the upgrades are done correctly, this is great customer service. Today, customer experience has changed, and it is more than just the person-to-person services offered. Technology has made it easier for you to connect with your LMS clients on a new level. Use your CRM software to track customer experiences and purchase histories.

3. Listen To Your Customers

One of the oldest sayings in the retail industry is that “the customer is always right”. And this still rings true today. The customer is the reason why you are in business. You need to create loyalty by ensuring that you listen to the questions and comments they have about your LMS products. You can quickly tell if your customer experience is excellent by listening to their feedback. This will help you find the areas you need to improve on to build loyalty among your client base and increase sales. Conduct frequent online polls and surveys to gauge their honest opinions and let them know that their thoughts matter. That your LMS brand cares about their input and wants to continually improve their products based on consumer demand.

4. Build A Solid Social Media Presence

Today, roughly 70% of all internet users have two or more social media accounts. Is your LMS company making the most of this valuable marketing outlet? Ensure that you have the right content on your social media accounts and that you stay consistent. Once you have posted a new article on your website, encourage customers to share the link on their social media accounts. Post viral videos that they want to pass along to virtual friends or colleagues.

5. Track Customer Engagement

Most Extended Learning Management Systems have ways that allow customers to read reports and analytics. This allows your LMS clients to interact with the content and preferred resources. You will know whether the product knowledge game or the microlearning videos are what is taking your LMS clients to the next level. LMS reports allow you to step into the shoes of your customers and evaluate their behaviors. They will also show you the areas that you need to improve upon to create better experiences for your customers. You can customize the LMS reports to ensure that you can quickly return your focus to things that truly matter to your business.

6. Host Giveaways And Contests

Host giveaways on your social media page for loyal LMS clients who share your posts and build the buzz for your LMS brand. Don’t forget to specify the rules so that everyone knows how to participate and win the grand prize. Which could be anything from a free month’s subscription of your LMS service, or discount, to an informative eBook to help them improve their online training strategy. Your LMS clients get an entry every time they share the original post or refer someone to your LMS page. This also gives them the opportunity to add a brief testimonial or glowing review about your product when posting the link on their page.

7. Start A Rewards Program

Give LMS clients the chance to earn rewards for referring their friends and colleagues. For example, you will waive their annual licensing fee if they send 5 people your way. The only caveat is that the new clients must convert into sales and sign a yearly contract. The more clients they refer, the larger the rewards. Post the referral program guidelines prominently on your social media and sales page to refresh their memory. Don’t forget to mention the program in your eNewsletter and live events, as well.

LMS clients are more likely to become loyal brand advocates when you stay fresh in their minds. You have to build an ongoing rapport by reaching out on social media and soliciting their feedback. Let them know that their voice is being heard and that you’re using their opinions to perfect your LMS product. You should also provide them with valuable product knowledge resources so that they know the benefits of investing in your LMS.

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