4 Of The Best Tools To Supercharge Your Sales Team
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How To Supercharge Your Sales Team: 4 Of The Best Tools

It is well-known that behind every successful Sales team are an advanced toolkit and a successful strategy. Speaking of the toolkit, there is a wide range of sales platforms, apps, email add-ons, and browser extensions that help the Sales reps close a deal.

With these new sales enablement tools and products popping out every day, Sales reps are expected to provide value, adhere to the message, form long-term customer relationships, and be available promptly. Not only are these tools exciting to use, but also are the battery to electrify your sales reps.

Can’t decide which tool is best for your Sales reps? Here are the tops 4 tools that are guaranteed to supercharge your Sales reps and help you get more leads, better connections, increase your productivity, and deliver a dynamic consumer experience. The best 4 tools to power up your Sales reps are:

1. BoostHQ

BoostHQ is one of the best and the most popular apps that are used by successful organizations. From knowledge sharing to organizing your projects, it can do everything to assist your Sales reps. It helps you create and manage any type of content whether it’s from your desktop or any online source (DropBox, YouTube, Evernote, Google Docs, OneDrive, Instagram, etc.).

Another great feature it offers is the opportunity to train your reps. You can create coaching content and include the reps you want to train and, voila, it’s training made easy!

BoostHQ also enables you to share success stories via videos, posts, and discussions to integrate sales enablement tools. Moreover, your Sales reps can follow the Q&A feature to help themselves when they have a question. BoostHQ also enables you to create and share playbooks with your reps. Not only you can create content easily, but can also gain actionable insights about your content performance. And last but not the least; you can access information from anywhere whether you’re selling from a phone, home, or office.

2. Populr

Whether you’re a professional or a novice, Populr might just be the magical tool for you. Populr is a renowned app that helps you share your business and Sales messages with various web pages. By helping you create impressive content, Populr focuses on attracting your audience.

Used by various tech conglomerates, such as Dell, Nissan, and Sony Music, it lets you explore the extraordinary realm of business communication. It also enables your reps to gain insights into your communication process by sharing and tracking your customer’s engagement.

You can create a library archive where your reps can access all the relevant information. Plus, you can customize the content, background, theme, font, logos, etc. What’s great about Populr is its collaboration feature through which you can invite your Sales reps to create and edit the existing content.

3. PointDrive

PointDrive is also an amazing sales tool that helps you keep your sales up to an astonishing level whether you’re a pro or not. It lets you combine your sales content and statements into your preferred and customized package for your customers.

It’s a guarantee that your Sales reps will be supercharged when they’re able to share and engage with customers during the most impressive sales cycles. With all the other exciting features, your Sales reps can track and immediately view your customer’s engagement and interaction with your content tool.

Plus, this app also improves your sales by sending a one-page site with links to your customers from which they can download your Sales material. The ones who download and read the sales material are then tracked easily.

4. HelloSign

When your Sales team is ready to close the deal, don’t forget to remind them of the HelloSign app. It’s one of the powerful platforms that simplify your signature problems and help you close the deal in an impressive and professional manner.

Your Sales reps don’t have to worry about legally binding and white labeling the deals they close. What else does it do? It delivers a maximum user experience to your customers while you control each and every activity of your brand.

Final Thoughts

Discovering tools that help in knowledge sharing among your Sales reps is crucial to the corporate world. With regards to productivity, efficiency, employment, and engagement, companies are realizing the importance of sales tools to bring close the Sales reps and customers. Collaboration along with these tools can help deliver a productive experience to both Sales reps and the customers.