Top 6 Reasons To Add Your Learning Management System To An Online LMS Directory

Top 6 Reasons To Add Your Learning Management System To An Online LMS Directory
Summary: Learning Management Systems offer undoubted value to online learners, instructors, and organizations alike. But does your target audience know about the benefits of your LMS software? In this article, I’ll explore the top 6 reasons why you should add your Learning Management System to an online LMS directory.

Why You Should Add Your Learning Management System To An Online LMS Directory

These days, every product and service is just a Google search away. It’s even more relevant for eLearning products and services, since the online space is their domain, in every sense of the word. There are various listing services and directories. But is it really worth the time and effort to list your LMS platform in an online LMS directory? Or should you concentrate on another form of advertising? Here are 6 notable reasons why you should list your Learning Management System in an online LMS directory.

1. Reach Your Target Audience

Two major uses of Learning Management Systems are onboarding new team members and deploying online training resources to remote teams. Corporate entities use corporate Learning Management Systems as a feedback loop for employee engagement. Thus, it’s crucial that organizations find an LMS that has all the key features at a price they can afford. One of the best ways to search for the perfect LMS platform is through an online LMS directory, as search engines tend to be a hit-and-miss while an online LMS directory carries more weight. As an LMS vendor, you want to be present in the marketplace when your customers come calling. People who are perusing the online LMS directory are already interested in a new LMS. They are your target audience.

2. Promote Key LMS Features

There are certain key LMS features and functions that organizations add to their must-have lists. For example, employees have a clear preference for gamified LMS options that have a social media component. They’re looking out for other features too, like bite-sized online training content in accessible chunks. It also helps if the LMS provides edutainment value. If organizations find your LMS through search engines, they have to dig into your site to discover what you offer. Depending on how intuitive your navigation is, they may be impressed. But it will still take time to look through the relevant website sections. An online LMS directory, on the other hand, is designed for accessibility. Key selling points can be listed in bullet points or eye-catching graphics for instant absorption and better conversion.

3. Boost Online Visibility

When you run an online business, you can never have too many site visitors and prospects. While Google will bring you some traffic, an online LMS directory will get you more conversions. Google searchers may be idly browsing but someone that visits an online LMS directory is already in the purchasing mind set. Employees may casually browse a search engine, but the personnel managers that visit online LMS directories have the cash and decision-making power to follow through. For this reason, an online LMS directory gives you a higher caliber of prospects than free search engines.

4. Offer Live Demos And Free Trials

An online LMS directory offers a summarized version of an LMS’s features and stand-outs. You can include links to a short video, infographic, or relevant screen grab. You can even invite visitors to sign up for a live demonstration or free trial. This can be in the form of a virtual tour, an interactive session, or a how-to video. While you can still have these on your corporate website, online LMS directories are more optimized for access, traffic, and functionality. They offer side-by-side comparison with competitors, giving you a chance to shine. Some online LMS directories also offer reviews and ratings. Thus, satisfied customers can leave positive feedback to draw in new clientele.

5. Save Time And Money

Once you’ve chosen to allocate resources to paid online advertising, then it comes down to dollars and cents. You could run ad campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You could run Google banners and engage Adsense, or hire a SEO agency to get your name up top of the search rankings. Of all these options, online LMS directories are the most budget-friendly. They work on the same principle as yellow pages – build it and they will come. In contrast, other forms of advertising are based on the media model of ratings and premium categorization. This makes them a lot more expensive. Online LMS directories offer value for money because you have the opportunity to reach a much broader audience without having to pay for each visitor, click, or conversion.

6. Track eLearning ROI

The main advantage of listing anything online is analytics. TV and radio ads are priced according to how many devices are on, and which channels they’re tuned into. Ratings don’t prove there’s anyone watching or listening to the device, especially during commercial breaks. Online analytics are much more detailed, showing who clicked, what they looked at, how long they spent on each page, and what specific information they focused on. This makes it easy to gauge eLearning ROI. Thus, you’re able to adjust your listing to determine the best approach. For example, you may want to highlight different LMS features or reword your call to action to appeal to a niche audience.

Listing your Learning Management System in an online LMS directory can seem like a redundant effort. After all, you already have a website, and Google is your friend. However, online LMS directories offer added benefits. You can use one to meet specific customer needs and highlight the features they’re interested in. It also increases traffic and allows prospects to experience your product immersively. Last, but not least, online LMS directories give you the power to maximize your marketing resources. You can broaden your market reach without spending a small fortune, which makes it the ideal promotional tool for LMS vendors with limited budgets.

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