eBook Release – Microlearning: Powerful Training Tool For Onboarding

Free eBook – Microlearning: Powerful Training Tool For Onboarding
Summary: One must fully comprehend the possibilities a tool is offering in order to make good use of it. That is the concept behind the composing of this eBook. Its authors strongly believe in the practicality of microlearning, especially its use in onboarding, and want to pass their experience on to you. Through these pages you’ll get all you need to start implementing microlearning to strengthen your onboarding, plus the valued AllenComm approach.

Microlearning: Powerful Training Tool For Onboarding

Onboarding is an important procedure for an organization. In order to help new hires get ready to contribute for the company’s goals, you need the right online training tools to make them feel welcome and in align with the organizational culture. Microlearning is proving the ability to do that.

eBook Release: Microlearning: Powerful Training Tool For Onboarding
eBook Release
Microlearning: Powerful Training Tool For Onboarding
Discover how to use microlearning to strengthen your onboarding process.

By making this writing part of your knowledge, you become more competent in treating your online learners, choosing the right online training content and the appropriate format, and mastering various types of online training for compliance, brand, system, or new role. Microlearning: Powerful Training Tool For Onboarding presents you with the AllenComm approach, a highly esteemed choice in the industry.

About The eBook

What this read will offer you is an introduction to both microlearning and onboarding. Further on, you’ll find a collection of advice, extracted from years of experience, so that you know your way when initiating a microlearning project, and when applying it for onboarding purposes. Microlearning: Powerful Training Tool For Onboarding can improve your organization’s performance in this area, boosting employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Here are the key chapters of the eBook:

  • What Is Microlearning?
  • What Do You Need To Know To Get Started?
  • What Is Onboarding?
  • Microlearning To Strengthen Your Onboarding
  • The AllenComm Approach

Microlearning has given a new meaning to the concept of online training, providing short, easily digestible courses. Online learners set their own pace, compact assets create powerful learning experiences, and the solution can support almost any format of content, in any device. Thus it can be applied regardless of the budget available, empowering corporate learners with access and control over the information needed for their work.

To start off on the right foot, you must be aware of the basic parameters that define the context of your online training. First, you should know who your corporate learners are and why they take your online training. Then decide what kind of content will suit you best, and what technologies will be used.

Moving on to onboarding, you will learn that the way you do it is equally important to its content. The feel new hires get from this procedure plays a major role in their inclusion and longevity in your company. Apart from the initial onboarding, there’s also the continuing, where you must strive to keep corporate learners’ interest. That’s one reason more why onboarding can take various forms.

Microlearning: Powerful Training Tool For Onboarding also provides information about strengthening your onboarding with microlearning. It is divided into types of onboarding, be it new hire training, compliance, brand, systems and new role training. A conclusion to keep is that microlearning and onboarding suit each other. Lastly, you get a test of what you can expect when you work with AllenComm to elevate your onboarding program.

If you want to discover the best advice for empowering your onboarding with microlearning, download this eBook today.