eBook Release: Boost Your Onboarding Training ROI With The Right Training Tracking Software

Free eBook: Boost Your Onboarding Training ROI With The Right Training Tracking Software
Summary: If you've realized the importance of having the right training tracking software, then you are ready for the next step. Read all about what makes a platform ideal for tracking onboarding training, and you'll never look your internal training in the same way again.

Boost Your Onboarding Training ROI With The Right Training Tracking Software

As your organization grows, its needs multiply. New hires come in, but it takes a lot more for them to mesh well with the company culture and perform according to your corporate vision. Going through the pages of this eBook you’ll realize how much is there to be done in order for your training investment to be successful – and how all these can be done easier with the right software.

Boost Your Onboarding Training ROI With The Right Training Tracking Software
Discover the benefits of training tracking software, the essential metrics you need to track, and how useful training tracking software can be for onboarding!

Top talents could be lured into leaving your company for the next bidder, and that is what gives onboarding great value. The information found here will shed light in every aspect of the process. Learn how to plan it, which are the right reactions in situations occurring, and what can be measured (and how). Administrate has the experience to lead you step by step to the right decisions.

About The eBook

All the actions related to training tracking are explained through the pages of Boost Your Onboarding Training ROI With The Right Training Tracking Software – read about benefits, challenges, best practices, dos and don'ts, essential metrics, factors for choosing the right training tracking software, and detailed steps for the whole process. The ideal closing comes with an introduction to Administrate's training tracking software, along with a walkthrough to what can be the right solution to boost your onboarding training ROI, keeping everyone involved happy.

Here are the key chapters of the eBook:

  • How To Benefit Your Organization Using A Training Tracking Software
  • The Importance Of Choosing A Modern Training Tracking Software For Employee Onboarding
  • 5 Reasons To Track Employee Training In The Onboarding Process
  • 6 Challenges When Tracking Employee Training
  • 6 Best Practices To Define And Track Your Training Plan For Employee Onboarding
  • How A Training Tracking Software Can Boost Your Onboarding Training ROI
  • 5 Features Your Training Tracking Software Should Have For Effective Employee Onboarding
  • 8 Dos And Don'ts When Tracking Employee Training
  • 8 Essential Metrics To Use For Tracking Employee Training
  • 5 Steps To Optimizing Your Employee Training Tracking Process
  • How To Choose The Ideal Training Tracking Software For New Employee Onboarding
  • How To Track Your Training From Start To Finish With Administrate's Training Tracking Software

For starters, this volume presents the reader with the benefits an organization could enjoy by opting for training tracking software. Assign training easily, have a comprehending image of everyone's progress, make an onboarding plan and maybe mix methods, even know when retraining or additional training is needed. The importance of choosing a modern software for the job is the next subject. It can help you with personalization, encouraging your staff, giving them freedom of choice, and other important features.

Boost Your Onboarding Training ROI With The Right Training Tracking Software becomes even more practical, giving you a taste of the challenges you'll meet while tracking classrooms, assessment results, completion dates, or even knowing when training needs to be resit. Good news is that there are some best practices here for you to adopt. Most of them advise you on how to plan out different kinds of training and other equally important subjects. Right after these, you can read tips on what to do and not to do, based on Administrate's valuable experience. Getting to the core of it, you'll read five ways to boost your onboarding training ROI with a training tracking software.

In more details, five features that are considered must-haves are listed, including CRM, a reporting system, integration ability, and others. Dos and don'ts are an integral part of this eBook, stating you should set expectations, ask for feedback, avoid comparisons between staff members – and don't forget your own training! Time spent on each step of the process, drop-offs, and assessment scores are a few of those you need to keep your eye on.

Once you have set up the basics, you can read about optimizing your employee training tracking process. This means getting deeper into utilizing the features that you'll have acquired through the right choice of software, and there's a handful of them here. You’ll also get valuable words of advice on finding out what would be the most suitable platform for the job you need it for. Personalization, support, and integration are some of the keywords of this chapter. Lastly, you are presented with six ways that show how great a choice would be to go with Administrate's training tracking software. You can see how helpful this software solution can be, every step of the way.

If you want to discover how to boost your onboarding training ROI with the right training tracking software, download this eBook today.

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