The Importance Of Choosing A Modern Training Tracking Software For Employee Onboarding

The Importance Of Choosing A Modern Training Tracking Software For Employee Onboarding
Summary: Find out why employee tracking software is key to ensuring a smooth onboarding process for new staff.

Why Owning A Modern Training Tracking Software Is More Than Vital For Employee Onboarding 

When you bring new members of staff into your organisation, it’s vital that you ensure they are brought up to speed on your company procedures and processes as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Boost Your Onboarding Training ROI With The Right Training Tracking Software
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Using training tracking software is a great way to ensure that your training procedure is the same for every member of staff you bring on, and everyone receives the knowledge they need in order to perform successfully in their job role.

1. Set Up Personalised Staff Training Plans

A huge benefit of modern training tracking software is the ability to set up personalised training plans for all your team members, including new members of staff. Every member of staff, depending on the team they work in and the role they hold, will need to complete a different set of training. There will be generalised training that everyone in the company will have to complete, such as training on a particular system you use throughout the business, but there will also be different training sessions depending on what job a person is doing.

By deciding, ahead of time, all the training sessions each role will need to complete in a set period, you can create a personalised training plan for each person within your company. That way, when a new team member starts, you will be able to quickly assign them a training plan based on the job they are going into.

Then, when the new team member starts, they can simply log into the training tracking software and work their way through the training plan with ease.

2. Staff Can Work Through Training In Their Own Time

If you use training tracking software which is part of a larger training management system, you should be able to offer eLearning to your staff with the Learning Management System (LMS) functionality.

This will make arranging training even easier, as you can set up the learning paths you want your staff to work through on their LMS instance, so when they log in, they will automatically have access to all the courses they need to work through.

This means your staff can work through training at their own pace, rather than having to set aside large chunks of time to attend classroom-based sessions. This can be particularly handy for new team members, as it means that they don’t have to spend large amounts of time in their first few weeks with the company in training sessions, and instead, they can start to get to grips with their job while completing the training alongside.

3. Make Sure New Staff Complete Training In The Correct Order

Sometimes, if you give staff access to lots of training which they need to complete, they may pick and choose what they would like to do first. While this can be more fun for the students, it can hurt their learning journey if they don’t complete things in the desired order.

Using learning paths in your training tracking software will allow you to set out the entire learning journey for your staff but will prevent them from having access to future courses until they have completed the earlier ones.

4. Staff Can View Their Own Progress

It’s important that your team members know exactly what is expected of them, what sort of training they have coming up, and how much progress they have made since they began training with you.

Training tracking software will allow your staff to see this with ease, as they can simply log in and see all the training courses they have completed in the past, as well as everything they still have coming up on the training plan.

This is especially important with new staff, as you obviously want them to get to grips with the basics of their new role before they move on to the more complex topics, and this will ensure they have the smoothest onboarding period possible.

5. Encourage Staff With Gamification

Using training tracking software is a great way to make training fun for your staff, as you can use gamification elements to encourage them to continue on their learning journey.

These could be things like digital badge rewards when they complete certain blocks of training or giving awards to the team members who complete most of the training in a certain period of time.