6 Unexpected Benefits Of Social Media Live eLearning Events

6 Unexpected Benefits Of Social Media Live eLearning Events
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Summary: Which benefits can your organization draw from social media live eLearning events? Are they really a viable training tool, or should you focus your resources elsewhere? In this article, I’ll highlight 6 unexpected advantages of hosting live eLearning events on popular social media platforms.

Social Media Live eLearning Events: 6 Unexpected Benefits To Consider

In the past, online training was conducted through Instructor-Led Design. Nowadays, online training is designed to allow for greater learner engagement, peer-to-peer interaction, and active participation. Formal and informal learning are being blended to break the monotony of formal learning. One way of facilitating engagement and interaction is through hosting social media live events. Increasingly, organizations are using these synchronous sessions to ensure that employees get the most out of online training. Live events allow you to enrich your online training program and inject a dose of social learning. Let’s look at the benefits of social media live eLearning events for your corporate learners and your organization.

1. Reduced On-Site Training Time

Social media live eLearning events break the monotony of on-site training by decreasing the time used in training employees in the workplace. These events allow employees to partake in the online training event from anywhere around the world. If they aren’t able to attend the live session, they can always watch the recording that’s posted on the company’s social media page. All of this results in less seat-time and greater convenience. Here’s a perfect example of how social media live eLearning events can decrease training hours: your employees need to learn about the latest compliance regulations to stay up to code. You don’t have time to develop a full-fledged course, but a live event allows you to disperse the information rapidly. As a result, employees don’t have to sit through an hour-long lecture or read a novel-length manual. Instead, they can attend the 10-minute live eLearning event to get all the regulatory updates they require to do their job effectively. Without getting your organization in hot water with the governmental agencies.

2. Maximize Your L&D Budget

Social media live training helps organizations to cut costs. Trainer fees such as travel expenses, hotel and accommodation, and printed training materials are eliminated. Instructors or facilitators can interact with employees remotely. The only requirement is a stable internet connection and mobile devices. Training in live eLearning events is bite-sized, thereby saving you extra costs of long training sessions. In addition, employees are able to retain more information because they are fully engaged during the event. Then, they apply their newfound knowledge in the workplace, thereby improving their performance and reducing on-the-job errors. This domino-effect improves your company’s bottom line and stretches your budget even further.

3. Increased Employee Satisfaction

When employees feel that their voices are heard, their satisfaction rates increase and so does their productivity. Live online training offers a platform for synchronous learning, allowing interaction among learners and the instructor. Employees can voice their opinions and share knowledge within the organization. Live online training also fosters interaction among employees. The instructor can give a topic of discussion and allow online learners some time to share their thoughts and give positive criticism to each other’s contributions. Since the instructor is present, the content being discussed stays on topic. These discussions encourage all online learners to participate since no one is singled out or judged for their contribution. When this collaboration is carried over to the workplace, productivity increases and performance levels go up.

4. Offers A Personalized Training Experience

Live online training can include a range of activities such as discussions and brainstorming sessions. It can also have assessment and multimedia elements. This is one of the reasons why this training is so effective for a multigenerational workforce. By combining a variety of eLearning activities, it caters for all kinds of learning preferences. Visual learners benefit from live videos and demos. The auditory learners get the most from listening to what the lecturer and peers are saying. This way, every employee gets the best value from online training.

5. Provides Immediate Feedback And Employee Support

When online training is live, employees get the chance to give and receive feedback. They are also able to ask questions directly, without having to wait until the next scheduled session to address their issues. Firsthand feedback and answers increase employee confidence in organizational processes. Thus, they are more assured in the workplace and better equipped to handle complicated tasks and solve work-related problems. They can even view the recorded event at a later date to refresh their memory, making it a cost-effective performance support tool.

6. Builds Employee Motivation

Let’s face it, most people dread training because it’s boring and tedious. But a social media live event is nothing like this. Employees can become part of the presentation and watch everything unfold in real-time. They are an active part of the online training process, audience members who are welcomed to join the conversation. Thus, they are more likely to be motivated to train and develop their skills, even after the live event has been wrapped up.

This is especially the case when you tie the discussion points to real-world applications. For instance, emphasize the benefits of the sales online training course. Your sales employees realize that online training can be fun, and it can help them hit their targets. In short, social media live eLearning events breathe new life into your training and get employees excited about L&D.

Social media live training requires proper planning and resources to run effectively. However, it can help you improve knowledge retention and offer personalized support to your remote team. Your employees will also have the opportunity to share experiences with their co-workers and benefit from their feedback. Which makes live social media eLearning events a great addition to your online training program.

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