5 Tips For Writing An Attendance-Boosting eLearning Event Announcement

How To Write An Attendance-Boosting eLearning Event Announcement

What's the secret to hosting a successful eLearning event? Is it landing the perfect guest speakers? Finding the right sponsors? Booking an amazing venue? All of these elements matter, but they are nothing without an effective eLearning marketing strategy. And it all starts with a carefully crafted eLearning event announcement that leaves a lasting impression. Here are 5 top tips for writing an attendance-boosting eLearning event announcement.

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1. Focus On The Sales Pitch Minus The Gimmicks

Nobody wants to feel as though they're being forced into attending your eLearning event. In fact, using sales gimmicks in your announcement can damage your brand image and diminish your credibility. One of the most effective ways to boost your attendance is to focus on your sales pitch without resorting to gimmicks. Readers don't have time to sift through exaggerated promises and guarantees in order to find the pertinent details.

As such, you must give them all of the essentials, with an emphasis on its unique benefits. Tell them why your eLearning event is different than the rest and what they are going to take from the experience. Create a list of your top selling points and then use this to form your sales pitch. The pitch should be 2 to 3 sentences maximum and provide a brief overview of your eLearning event topics, speakers, and highlights.

2. Lead Off With The Benefits

People are busy. They want to know what's in it for them and why they should invest time and money into the eLearning event. For this reason, you need to lead off with your top benefits to grab their attention and prompt them to keep reading. Otherwise, your eLearning event announcement won't have the full effect because readers click away too soon. Plus, the longer they keep reading the more they can visualize attending the eLearning event and reaping the rewards. Include any important details that will help them with the decision-making process. Try to stick with the top 2 or 3 advantages, as your eLearning event needs to be clear and concise. For example, mention that you are offering a free eLearning course if they sign up for your virtual eLearning webinar. This takes all obstacles out of the picture and helps seal the deal.

3. Make It Personal

Potential attendees prefer eLearning event announcements that are custom tailored for them. Of course, it's impossible to write for each individual reader. However, you CAN make it personal by researching the needs of your target audience. What are their goals and how can your event help to achieve them? What are the "pain points" or obstacles standing in the way of their success?

These are the issues that are going to prompt them to click that RSVP button and get excited about your eLearning event. Another top tip is including videos and images that resonate with them. If they see other people having fun they may want the same experience for themselves. After all, they don't want to miss out on a valuable opportunity. It also doesn't hurt to use a conversational but professional tone and avoid technical jargon.

4. Create A Social Media Frenzy

Posting an eLearning event online gives you the power to integrate social media into your eLearning marketing. This includes links to your social media pages and hashtags. Attendees have the ability to share your eLearning event announcement with their followers and reach out with questions or concerns. If all goes well, you can create a social media frenzy that spreads the word about your upcoming eLearning event. Encourage attendees to use keyword hashtags when discussing the eLearning seminar, conference, or webinar.

The goal is to get your hashtag trending on Twitter so that new attendees are drawn into the excitement. It's also wise to create exclusive social media groups for those who have signed up for your eLearning event. You can post valuable tips, advice, and resources that help them prepare for the eLearning event. These groups are great follow-up tools after the eLearning event, as well. For example, posting updates about eLearning courses or eBooks that explore similar topics. In addition, you're able to gather feedback that you can use for future functions.

5. End It On A Cliffhanger

Cliffhangers aren't just for blockbuster movies and bestselling novels. In fact, you can use them in your eLearning event announcements to keep your readers wanting more. To achieve this, provide readers will all the essential information. However, invite them to visit your site for special perks or tips instead of revealing EVERY detail. The goal is to get them to click through to your site to learn more. Once they're on your site, you have the chance to pitch your eLearning event and show off your brand image. Some visitors may be reluctant to sign up, but your site helps to reassure them and enhance your credibility.

Another option is ending your eLearning event with a thought provoking question or call to action that leads to your site. People don't like leaving things up in the air. Thus, they're likely to quench their curiosity, which gives you the chance to emphasize the eLearning event's benefits. You can also provide them with guest speaker backstories and bios, as well as promo videos that make it visual.

You never know what's going to make your readers' click through to your site and sign up for your eLearning event. So, you need to give them all the essential details and benefits to nudge them in the right direction. You can also do your audience research to find out what makes them tick and then use it to your advantage.

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