eBook Release: Value For Money LMS - How To Find A Platform That Offers The Best Return On Your Investment

Free eBook: Value For Money LMS- How To Find A Platform That Offers The Best Return On Your Investment
Summary: When investing in a new LMS there are crucial factors to consider like robust reporting, a user-friendly UI, and built-in assets. However, it all boils down to the benefits it can bring to your bottom line. How do you choose and implement a Learning Management System that delivers the best Return On your Investment?

Value For Money LMS: Find The Best Platform To Maximize Your ROI

A value for money LMS and its investment is a big deal for any company. As they say, you only get one chance to make a great first impression. Unfortunately, that rule also applies to the process of investing in a new LMS. Purchasing a replacement platform is costly, time-consuming, and stressful. So, you need to choose the best tool for your organization the first time around instead of dealing with expensive trial and error. How do you determine which platform will offer you the best returns? Opting for a value for money LMS is a crucial factor to consider when vetting vendors, calculating your budget and identifying current training pain points. Our eBook, Value For Money LMS: How To Find A Platform That Offers The Best Return On Your Investment, can help you calculate your LMS ROI and avoid the most common, and costly, pitfalls.

eBook Release: Value For Money LMS: How To Find A Platform That Offers The Best Return On Your Investment
eBook Release
Value For Money LMS: How To Find A Platform That Offers The Best Return On Your Investment
Discover all you need to know about the importance of finding a value for money LMS platform that offers the best ROI.

The Importance Of  A Value For Money LMS When Planning Your Online Training Program

ROI plays a significant role in LMS investing and implementation. Ultimately, the tool you choose must meet employees’ needs, provide anywhere anytime support, and allow you to gather insightful Big Data. Otherwise, you’ll waste precious resources thanks to misallocation and lack of oversight. The L&D domino effect leads to another round of vendor vetting and LMS research, given that you’ll have to find a viable replacement. For this reason, it’s essential to consider overall costs and whether the platform is truly worth the expense. Preferably, before you sign on the dotted line (or click that signup button).

A value for money LMS also happens to be one of the most challenging decision-making factors, given that it covers so many components. You must consider every aspect of the tool to calculate an accurate ROI and determine its value. From the built-in reporting features and support services to the UI and available integrations. It calls for a holistic approach if you want to make a well-informed buying decision and maximize your returns. Here are just some of the benefits of putting a value for money LMS at the top of your priority list:

1. Helps You Retain Your Top Talent And Avoid Employee Turnover

Employee engagement is an important factor to consider when choosing a value for money LMS. Does it give your staff all the tools they need to bridge gaps? Or is it difficult to use for tech beginners? Does everyone have access to the training platform on their mobile device? Can they personalize their own training paths to focus on job duties and skills? These are all things you must bear in mind when investing in a new LMS to ensure you get the best ROI. As a result, you keep your top performers and don’t have to pay to hire and train their replacements.

2. Improves L&D Efficiency

It’s not just your front-end users who benefit from such a tool. Getting the best Learning Management System ROI and value for money is important. It makes life easier for your L&D team too, as they have the resources they require to develop and deploy your training. Moreover, you can streamline their work practices and evaluate performance/progress to identify gaps. An LMS that isn’t worth the investment will hinder their flow instead of helping them achieve the desired results.

3. Widens Your Profit Margins

I’ve already mentioned the replacement LMS costs that come with a low value for money. However, there are other ways that investing in an LMS with maximum ROI can broaden your profit margin. For example, you gain access to advanced analytics that allow you to fine-tune your strategy. You can also provide custom tailored resources to your team so that they do their job more effectively. This equals decreased training costs and improved employee proficiency.

What You’ll Find In Our Free Value For Money LMS Investment Handbook

  • How to determine a value for money LMS based on the 4 E’s: LMS Effectiveness, Efficiency, Economy, and Equity
  • A step-by-step guide to calculating Learning Management System ROI for your organization and terms every buyer should know
  • Tips to get what you pay for and find an LMS that offers the best value for money based on your must-have feature and team talents
  • Insider secrets to evaluate your current LMS
  • Features to look for in your new LMS platform to get the maximum returns
  • How to conduct a training needs analysis to improve your LMS ROI by pinpointing areas for improvement
  • Tips to choose the ideal LMS pricing model for your organization and online training needs
  • Factors that impact your value for money LMS and decrease the Return On your Investment
  • How to use an online directory to invest in an LMS that provides the best value for money and tips to use a free trial or demo to make the right buying decision

Value for Money LMS- How to Find a Platform that Offers the Best Return on Your Investment is an ideal resource for SMBs and large organizations, alike. As it offers a more comprehensive overview of a value for money LMS and how to determine if your tool of-choice delivers the best ROI. It gives you all the know-how you need to select the right vendor and narrow down your features list. It also helps you create an accurate budget, as well as avoid costly mistakes that can diminish your returns. Get your copy today, before you make your final purchasing decision, and see if your top LMS contenders are really worthy of your resources.

With so many Learning Management Systems on the market, is there any way to be sure you’re getting the right one? Do you really know what to look for to ensure you’re getting good value for money? Download our eBook Value For Money LMS: How To Find A Platform That Offers The Best Return On Your Investment and discover how to get an estimate of the value of your LMS by considering the functionality and efficiency of your software.