How To Take Advantage Of Video In Training

How To Take Advantage Of Video In Training
Summary: Interactive video learning is becoming more and more popular today, especially among younger generations. For the trainer, creating effective training videos has become essential if he wants to be able to engage his learners. Knowing that this challenge is shared by learning professionals everywhere, here are some tips on how to take advantage of video in training in order to maximize results.

Video In Training: How To Integrate Videos Into Your Training Strategy

Easily integrated with MOOCs and SPOCs, videos play a key role in the success of your digital training. Using video in training has many advantages:

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  • Learner engagement
    By allowing the learner to browse the content at his or her own pace, the learning video empowers the learner. As such, it contributes to the effectiveness of training.
  • Improving your brand image
    The quality of your videos speaks for your brand. A well-produced piece of content contributes to the quality of your name. (This is called educational marketing).
  • The loyalty of new generations
    People under 30 are particularly sensitive to digital content. Integrating video into your training strategy is the best way of reaching this new generation via their preferred channels, and will increase your likelihood of retaining their attention.

However, to meet their objectives, your learning videos will have to perfectly meet the needs of your audience. And for that, nothing beats thinking about their shape!

The Teaser Video: A Showcase For Your Digital Training

Generally present on the homepage of a training course or on a training catalog, the teaser video aims to get the learner excited about what’s coming next. Not exceeding two minutes, it should deliver a positive message to your audience, illustrating the rationale for your strategy.

Given the limited duration of this type of video, it is advisable to limit the number of interview excerpts as much as possible. Instead, rely on the dynamism of the presentation!

Expected cost: Depending on the specificities of the shooting, the creation of such a video is generally charged between $150 and $3,500.

The Course Video: Ideal For Engaging The Learner

Course videos are one of the most effective learning solutions, with a length of about 8 to 10 minutes (a longer duration could reduce the learner's attention). They can take three distinct forms:

  1. Capturing face-to-face training
    Giving learners the impression of being present at the course, it offers excellent immersion and thus promotes community involvement.
  2. Training recording in studio conditions
    Slightly less realistic, this type of video nevertheless allows you to have a total control of the environment. You can choose between a training center, a classroom, or a green background.
  3. Voice over
    The cheapest solution, the voice-over allows the learner to focus all his attention on the visuals. To avoid any loss of attention, the latter must be particularly "impactful".

Expected cost: Depending on the solution chosen, the production of a course video will cost between $50 and $2,700.

Webinar Video: A Practical And Efficient Format

The only live training video that exists today, the recording of a webinar, is the last learning solution available to you. Interactivity, simplicity of creation, and statistics collection are some of the many advantages of webinars.

Important to note, though: the effectiveness of video will depend largely on the quality of the technical equipment (webcam, camera plugged into your computer, multi-camera, mixer, graphics tablet, etc.) and the speed of your internet connection.

Expected cost: This type of service can involve an initial investment of between $1,000 and $3,000.

To learn more and learn how to use the most effective formats in your training, download our practical guide to digital training!

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