8 Ways A Microlearning Online Training Library Benefits Your Organization

8 Ways A Microlearning Online Training Library Benefits Your Organization
Summary: Is a bite-sized online training repository really worth the resources? In this article, I’ll share 8 notable advantages of adding a microlearning online training library to your corporate eLearning program.

8 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs A Microlearning Online Training Library

Employees should have access to online training tools anytime, anywhere. After all, problems can arise at any moment, and these problems can quickly become full-fledged performance gaps, especially when they aren’t addressed right away and employees commit the wrong information to memory. Here are 8 convincing reasons why your organization needs a microlearning online training library.

1. Improve Employee Motivation

Employees are more motivated to train when online training resources are easily accessible. They don’t have to fit online training into their already busy schedules. Instead, they’re able to build skills and vital knowledge whenever it’s most convenient. An increase in employee motivation leads to a broad range of secondary benefits, such as improved engagement and active participation. Your staff knows that they’re able to get the information they need at a moment’s notice. As such, they’re going to make a concerted effort to continually improve and develop their talents.

2. Maximize Online Training ROI

Microlearning online training libraries are not a stand-alone online training resource. However, they are a great support tool for your existing online training program. For example, an employee is able to access bite-sized online training tutorials and demos after they complete product knowledge online training. As a result, microlearning online training repositories maximize effectiveness and ROI. Every aspect of your online training course is enhanced by this “moment of need” database, which means that you can allocate your online training resources more efficiently and stretch your online training budget even further. In addition, microlearning requires less time, without sacrificing the desired results. Therefore, you spend fewer payroll hours on online training.

3. Improve Workplace Productivity

Employees can access the microlearning online training library from anywhere in the world, at any time. As such, they have the opportunity to address individual performance issues right away, instead of waiting until the next formal online training session. This makes them more productive and proficient on the job, thanks to the fact that they are better equipped to tackle challenges that may arise during their work day. If they do run into a problem, bite-sized guides and online training tutorials are there to help.

4. Enhance Customer Service

Every member of your organization who interacts directly with the public needs to have some degree of customer service training. They must be able to communicate effectively, identify customers’ needs, and think of creative solutions to common problems. A microlearning online training library gives them the skill-building resources they require. They can brush up on interpersonal skills via an online training simulation or listen to a podcast that imparts problem-solving tips. All of this results in superior customer service, which fosters customer loyalty.

5. Target Training Gaps

Training gaps have the potential to wreak havoc on your organization’s productivity and profits. Employees need to be at the top of their game in order to seal the deal and troubleshoot customer issues. A performance, skill, or knowledge gap prevents them from achieving their true potential. Microlearning online training repositories are designed to target these gaps and help employees overcome personal obstacles. They can focus on their own areas for improvement and continually hone their strengths. Thus, your staff has the power to bridge performance gaps that are standing in the way of professional success.

6. Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employees who receive the online training resources they need are happier in the workplace. This leads to greater employee satisfaction. They know that your company cares enough to provide top-notch online training. You’ve invested money and time into their professional development. Not to mention, curated an amazing microlearning online training library which focuses on their needs, goals, and gaps. Employees can also use the microlearning online training library to upskill and grow their talents in other areas. For example, concentrate on teamwork and leadership skills in order to prepare for that upcoming promotion or improve their task knowledge so that they can join other departments in the future.

7. Boost Sales

Your sales team meets with clients and negotiates with customers on a regular basis. As a result, they need to develop a broad range of skill sets in order to hit their monthly goals. They must also have in-depth knowledge of your products and services. A microlearning online training library gives them the chance to master all the nuances of the sales process. For example, product knowledge demos impart valuable information they can pass on to consumers, such as the notable benefits of using the product and its key features. Microlearning online training libraries are remotely accessible, as well, due to the fact that they are safely stored on the Learning Management System. Therefore, employees can login from remote sales calls or meetings to brush up on their knowledge.

8. Improve Knowledge Retention

Cognitive overload is a force to be reckoned with. When too much information flows into the mind, our finite memory banks bust at the seams. As a result, we are unable to retain the information and apply it in the workplace. Microlearning online training libraries deliver information in small doses. This gives the working memory time to assimilate the data before moving onto the next topic or task. Furthermore, bite-sized online training repositories focus on “moment of need” training. Employees typically access the microlearning online training library when they have a question or concern. Therefore, they are more likely to remember the ideas and concepts because it suits an immediate purpose, which is to solve a real-world problem or challenge.

Microlearning online training libraries won’t be able to fix every online training pain point. However, they can make your current online training program even more effective, as well as improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. The key is to provide just-in-time online training resources that are relevant to employees’ needs. Thus, you should research their experience levels, gaps, and backgrounds to create personalized microlearning online training materials. You might also consider training needs analysis and employee evaluations to target specific areas for improvement.

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