Why eLearning Is For Every Generation

Why eLearning Is For Every Generation
Summary: Have you ever noticed how often the media portrays Baby Boomers as technological idiots? It’s common for movies and TV shows to depict the generation born between 1946 and 1964 as utterly clueless when it comes to operating smart phones and laptops. Of course, those in the business world know that this is, for the most part, inaccurate. Some individuals sincerely dislike using technology and wish the pen-and-paper days would magically reappear. However, most people in the working world, no matter if they are Baby Boomers, Millennials, or from Generation X, find technology to be helpful and necessary to getting work done. This is especially true of eLearning technology.

Why eLearning Is For Every Generation And Not Just Millennials 

No one can deny that Millennials (individuals aged 18-34) are tech savvy. After all, theirs is the first generation to have grown up with constant access to digital devices. Some younger Millennials cannot remember a time when technology/social media was not a part of everyday life.

While Millennials may have an easy time navigating technology in general, everyone can adapt to Learning Management System (LMS) technology. Many Learning Management Systems are designed with the preferences of multiple generations in mind. Here are some specific ways in which a Learning Management System can meet the needs of…

  • Baby Boomers.
    There are exceptions to every rule, but, in general, Baby Boomers tend to excel at communication. Their generation has been in the workforce the longest, and most of these individuals were leading meetings long before PowerPoint was even a thought. Because they are usually easy to navigate, eLearning courses are ideal for Baby Boomers who do not totally embrace technology. Also, eLearning fosters communication with tools like video conferencing and real time chat, while at the same time encouraging relational connection and face-to-face interaction.
  • Gen Xers.
    People born between 1965 and 1980 constitute Generation X. In his article How to Target the Right Generation in eLearning, Brother Sean makes a great point that “Gen Xers are children of divorced parents, so this subset was forced to grow up rather quickly and to some extent learn to take care of themselves. For these reasons… this generation is full of independent thinkers, wanting to do things their own way. These people thrive when given a bit of autonomy…”. eLearning is ideal for those who prefer autonomy, as it allows users to access course materials at their own pace and track their own progress. Also, eLearning makes it possible for employees to work from home, which is sometimes the best option for those who truly work better alone.
  • Millennials.
    Most Millennials easily catch onto eLearning. However, they often experience a level of distraction that other generations do not. Christie Wroten says that distractions such as “social networking sites and gaming apps can… be integrated into the learning plan to motivate and connect with learners on a level that they’re more familiar with. Because social media lies in millennial ‘territory,’ courses that integrate these sites allow users to understand at a quicker rate, and they can create content, which adds an interactive aspect to the process.” Most Learning Management Systems have built-in social learning features that cater to Millennials.

Companies searching for an eLearning system designed for individuals of all ages and technological abilities should look to most Learning Management Systems that charge no per-user fees. Flat-rate Most Learning Management System offerings eliminate constrictive barriers to growth and are usually a better value offering.

eLearning is not just for Millennials; it is for everyone. Is your company serving its multi-generational workforce by making Most Learning Management System technology available to every employee?

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